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Octopus Tag

No description

Henry Merz

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag
By: Henry Merz

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Octopus tag is a tag game that originated in Britain and than moved to the United States and other parts of the word.
There is a wide range of people that can play octopus Tag. From the age of three years old to the age of one hundred years old. The people that are playing must be able to understand the rules of tag.
What is Octopus Tag?
Who Can Play?
The rules are very easy to understand, this game has the same outline of a regular game of tag. This type of tag has some extra opticals in it to make the game a little more exciting. When you get tagged by the one of the two taggers you will sit in the exact spot that you got tagged. If another player runs by you, you can tag the person that ran by you. When you are out you can NOT move around.
What are The Rules?

For this game you do not need that much room but a gym or playground is perfect. you need two taggers (octopus) and ether 2 or more people to try and dodge the taggers.
How do You Play?
1. What do you do when you get tagged?
a. run away
b. sit down were you got tagged
c. say you got tagged
d. keep playing
2. How many people can play?
a. 6
b. 7
c. 50
d. all of the above
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