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South African Birthdays!

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kayla mitchell

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of South African Birthdays!

Usually, the actual birth date is not celebrated as birthday in Africa. The day a person is initiated into the community is celebrated as their birthday. South African Birthdays In South Africa, they follow a tradition of presenting a key of gold, silver, or aluminum foil on the 21st birthday. It is a symbol of the person's readiness to unlock the door to his or her future. Their mother presents them with a silver key. They also get birthday blessings from their GrandParents 21st Birthdays in South Africa Traditional Umbrella Dance The umbrella is made of wood and colored cotton. The dancers stand in a circle, rotate the umbrella, and dance while the other guests stand outside the circle and clap their hands. They also sing a traditional song "We get de gal dem wet minute man no get another shot inna de bed." They also played musical chair game on that day. Many Different Foods are served like fried caterpillars and crocodile sirloin. South African Foods CAKES!! Asking for at least $3-5 per person for food.
*Meat Balls and Wings
*Table Set Up
*Plates, Cups, Forks, etc. Cost:
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