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Old Spice Ad Analysis

No description

Kat Bell

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Old Spice Ad Analysis

Old Spice Ad Analysis
Intended Audience:
In watching this ad it is obvious to me that the intended audience for this ad is of course women, but mainly targeted at ones aged from their 30’s to 40’s. When you first think about it it seems to be a peculiar way to advertise a men’s body wash but really it’s very clever. They are aiming this ad towards women because women do most of the shopping. They want the women to care about what their men smell like and therefore get them more manlier body wash. I suggested it to be this age group because the things in the ad such as the yacht, the diamonds, the horse and tickets to the expensive plays are all things only couples in established careers and are earning good money can afford and desire.
This ad claims to make your man ‘smell like a man’ instead of a lady from using ‘lady scented’ body washes. The add also confidently claims that “Anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady” by showing the female viewers things like the boat, the tickets to ‘That thing you love’, the diamonds and the horse, claiming that when your man smells like a man he will buy you all these things.
The ad assumes that all the female viewers are somewhat disappointed with their men or that they should be because their men don’t look or smell like the presenter. The ad also assumes that all men use lady scented body washes and therefore aren’t very manly and are in no way comparable to the presenter. “Look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man, now back to me, sadly he isn't me”. The ad also assumes that men want to smell like the presenter, this is in a way a ‘so what’ claim as the viewers obviously don’t know what the presenter smells like and so why would they care.
This is an advertisement for “Old Spice” – a men’s body wash. It first aired in 2010 on the television in the USA and later in Australia. It was such a popular format that there is now a whole series of ads featuring the same character. It has also been a huge hit on YouTube with over a billion views. The reason I choose this ad is because I feel it displays a number of very effective persuasive techniques – best of all the humour.

The ad features a man advertising Old Spice body wash. The add takes place in three different sets although the ad was taken in one shot. At first the presenter appears in a bathroom, then the set is lifted up to reveal him walking across a boat in the ocean with a costume change, then casually when he is talking he suddenly states “I’m on a horse” whilst the camera zooms out to show him sitting on a horse. Throughout the ad the presenter doesn’t break eye contact and holds the body wash product for most of it.

This ad has many appeals, like the humour and the unexpected set changes. The presenter immediately grabs the viewer’s attention with his opening line “Hello Ladies” as if he were flirting with them. He then proceeds throughout the whole ad with more funny lines, whilst never breaking eye contact, which further engages the audience. The marketing team decided to make this ad funny because they knew that people remember things that they laugh at and would be more likely to buy the product as a result.
In this Old spice ad the intention was to obviously to increase their sales by engaging a wider audience, which they did by targeting women. The ad is intended to be funny which involves the audience and makes it memorable. People remember the things they laugh at. Overall the message is simple, if you don’t want your man to smell like a lady then you need to buy him old spice.
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