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Greek Olympic Training

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on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Greek Olympic Training

By: Christian Mercado, Riley Pearson, and Cameron Beaird Ancient Greek Olympic Preparation In Ancient Greece, any person who had potential to be an Olympian athlete could participate in the Olympic Games regardless of wealth, unless you were a member of the lower class. Thesis: Olympians trained from the beginning of their childhoods, they had three trainers. Trainers included Paidotribes, Gymnastes, and Aleiptes.Paidotibes focused on phsyical training. The Gymnastes focused on exercise. Finaly Aleiptes focused on anointing the athletes. Training was apart of Olympian's everyday life. Today athletes dont start training as early but it is still just as intense. The higher classes today and back then could afford better trainers and therefore they got a advantage. Starting from a young age Olympians went through a 3 year period of schooling. After this, they could begin to train more or, decide to continue school. Some schools that Olympians went to combined the mind and body training into one daily procedure, this school was called a Kaldagathia. Just like today Higher classes could afford better schools than what was provided Olympians had schooling too! After and before exercise athletes rubbed themselves down with oil. They competed in the olympic events and trained nude. They did not dress in anything because they thought they were being watched by the gods and wanted to be presented as pure as possible. Today athletes wear dry fit clothes to keep them cool and running nude is not allowed. How Athletes Dressed Athletes trained using cardiovascular workouts, they also ran to build stamina. The Athletes would lift weights or simply do the activity they were training for. They made sure to balance their strength throughout their body, they did not one arm stronger than the other, everything had to be equal. Athletes Diet Strength building Athletes diets consisted of tons of meat and protein to build muscle. Some athletes consumed up to 5,700 calories a day. More wealthy contestants found sources of protein easier then less wealthy athletes. Olympians avoided bread and dined on dried figs before athletic activity. Athletes Quenched themselves with wine. Today athletes do not drink wine or eat mostly meat. They eat vegetables and carbohydrates for energy and they will drink mostly water.
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