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Superhero Creation Project

Dark Luck

Sanyukta Ghag

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Superhero Creation Project

Moral Code
Superhero Creation Project
Hope you like my Prezi!
Powers/Special Abilities
Real Name: Sandy Rose

Superhero Name:
Dark Luck
Sandy and her twin Alexis were born as angels. A few of the dark angels killed their parents and kidnapped Alexis. In order to protect herself from them, she decided to be a dark angel. Though she is a dark angel, she is not. She is just pretending to be one. Her plan is to take revenge on them and also search and rescue her sister. She thought being among the dark angels was a better way to find her sister, as she would learn their tricks, secrets and also the location where the dark angels have kept her sister.
1.Super strength
4.Luck control- good luck to superheroes/bad luck to villains
How will Dark Luck improve The League of EARTH (superhero team) ?
Like all superheroes Sandy also is willing to risk her own safety for saving and protecting the good. She did not want other innocent people to suffer the same way she did. She wants to take revenge on the dark angels, but does not want to do use a weapon and kill them. She will use her weapon only when necessary. She wants to teach the dark angels a lesson, but in an intelligent way. Pretending to be a dark angel she intends to know their selfish plans and foil those plans in time to save the good.
Sandy will fit well in The League of EARTH because she too fights for justice, works well with others, perseveres and has positive qualities like being caring, respectful, honest and proactive. She also has special powers being an angel which is an added positive quality, which Sandy can use for fighting their opponents. She can together with her other team members use their powers in unison to fight various threats.
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