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Most amazing prezi

No description

LDawg Cullawbur

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Most amazing prezi

In my action film opening the mise en scene used is a bag and hoodies, this subverted the action film genre because a typical ‘bad guy’ in an action film, is typically in a suit or expensive clothing, but we thought we would challenge the genre and the audiences by changing it to an urban environment and using non typical clothing of a ‘bad guy’.
The editing used in my action film opening reinforced the action film genre yet it subverted the genre as the movie opening is in black and white and is slow and chilled, this was inspired by ‘James bond casino royale 2007’, but this isn’t typical of most action films as mostly action films or low budget British gritty action films are in colour and are explosive with the colours. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start My media product was inspired by actions films and low budget British gritty action films, we didn’t challenge the form and conventions of an action film and low budget British gritty action films, but we reinforced them, we did this keeping conventional aspects of an action film, for example in our action film movie opening has a chase in, this is conventional of the action film genre and a low budget British gritty action film is used as a narrative hook for the target audience. We also challenged it by using a lack of explosion because we wanted to keep a state of realism. The sound used in my action film / low budget British gritty action films is a slow paced piano piece and when the chase start a fast paced piano piece, this suits the genres of an action / low budget British gritty action films, these sounds also challenges the genres because piano is conventional slow like a romantic film as such. The sounds used in are piece is non-diegetic this is because our ‘characters’ are unable to hear the sound; it is added to add a gritty feel to the piece. My media product that was created attracts social groups like the youth; this is because they can relate to this piece of media because this is something which may be happening close to them or around them in today’s society. The media product also represents the youth to be bad and involved in the drugs or the ‘thug life’. Also the mise-en-scene represents the youth to wearing hoodies, young criminals are conventionally thought of as hoodies, so this adds to the representation of the social group being thugs.
At the time of filming the media product we only had two males of the same ethnicity and age, I think the characters used fitted the situation because the social group are able to relate to the situations. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How does your media product represent particular social groups? In my media product social groups are represented due to particular characters used in the media product. Due to the genre of the film which is action film / low budget British gritty action films, the characters are not as rich as most action film ‘bad guys’ and so the low budget clothing from the low budget British gritty action films side of the film represent the youth of today, this means that young people or the youth can relate to the characters in the product. In my media product there isn’t any females, this is due to because males usually dominate the youth. We also didn’t use different ethnic groups as such because the social groups of today usually tend to stay to one ethic social group. In my action movie opening the camera shots used reinforced the action film genre because shots used like panning and mid shots are conventional of the action film genre; this means we are reinforcing the action film genre, by using these camera angles / shots. Also shots like establishing shots is used in my action movie opening, this is typical of an action film as it sets the scene for the movie or scene of action, in my action film I used an establishing shot of Ashford town to set the place of action in our product.
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