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No description

kris barber

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of PLASTIC

1.5 billion plastic bottles were produced in the U.A.E. alone in 2010..
and 11.6 billion plastic bags were used last year.
Plastic pollution kills millions of animals and sea creatures every year, yet still we produce more!
The U.S.A throw away over 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour
Shred them into flakes..
..heat and extrude them into fibre
..and spin the fibre into yarn..
To make great clothes and accessories

The Solution...
All the plastic bottles collected will be used to make items of clothing like school uniforms.
• Live web feed results
• Information channel
• Interactive Q@A’s
• Competitions
• Social Media gallery
• Green community

Open to up to 50,000 primary and secondary school students
Killing millions of sea creatures and animals
We take thousands of plastic bottles
Join us and be part of the great Plastic Challenge!
A competition to see which school can collect the most amount of plastic between now and the end of Summer term.
Monthly results online to monitor the quantity of plastic collected
Enter the T Shirt Design competition!
• Winner to get their design printed on a T shirt made from 3 plastic bottles!
• Upload and vote for your favorite design on facebook
• Best designs gets exhibited during U.A.E Green Festival.

This is what we collected last time!
Some of last years winners
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