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Nation, Race and Citizen: Inclusion and Exclusion, Benefits

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Sarah Shepherd

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Nation, Race and Citizen: Inclusion and Exclusion, Benefits

Nation, Race and Citizen: Inclusion and Exclusion, Benefits and Responsibilities
The Main Types of Social Welfare Legislation included:
1. Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902

2. Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904

3. Invalid and Old Age Pension Act 1908

4. Maternity Allowances Act 1912

5. "New Protection" Legislation 1905 - 1908
Social Welfare in the New Nation
By 1914, a large proportion of social welfare legislation had been enacted, with the exception of unemployment benefits.

The Acts provided assistance for some of Australia's most vulnerable people: women, the old, the poor, the sick, mothers, workers.
Draw your own conclusion...
Social Welfare Legislation
Definition: legislation which attempts to improve life for particular groups in society that seem to be disadvantaged
Social Welfare in 2014
Women - The response to the hope for suffrage
- The inclusion of women in the political nation was accepted by Federation: automatically included in Commonwealth Franchise Bill of 1902 - all white women had the right to vote

- Victory for women who had worked for this

- Some successes had been achieved earlier in 1894 (SA) and 1899 (WA)

- "Many had supported the movement for federation in the belief that suffrage would be their reward" (Mirams et al)
"It is true that the Commonwealth of Australia became the leading nation in the world in the area of government intervention into social welfare"

Willis et al
What are the responsibilities of the new nation?

What are the responsibilities of citizens in the new nation?

What are the benefits available to those included in the new nation?
"I assert that our political conditions are wrapped up in the life of every woman in the community; that the laws which control the men control the women; and inasmuch as every man in this country is given the right to take part in the making of the laws that control him, so, in my humble opinion, a similar right should be extended to women."

Norman Ewing, WA Senator, Free Trade Party
Women - the response to the hope for suffrage
- Australian women were amongst the first in the world to be granted franchise and the right to stand for election

- Britain (1918), USA (1920)

- Australian women benefited from the radical thinking at the time

- Not all supported women's suffrage, but most did

- "Common among Europeans was the idea that human societies were at different stages of development...[This] meant that white men and women saw each other as belonging to the one race, sharing the same blood and heritage which was at the top of the racial hierarchy" (Mirams et al)
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