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background glorious revolution

No description

Caryl Vegamora

on 29 December 2012

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Transcript of background glorious revolution

Background to
Revolution The Tudors Henry VIII
Elizabeth I 1534
Parliament passed
Act of Supremacy Elizabeth the protestant End of Tudor line,
Stuarts take
the throne Absolute
monarchy Parliament is
cut out
Eleven years of
tyranny 1629-1640 Civil
(1642) Cavaliers (royalists) Roundheads
(parliament supporters) Parliament wins!
Thanks to…. OLIVER CROMWELL Military genius with the help of extreme puritans Eliminates non-supporters in Parliament Executed king Charles I in 1658 Execution horrifies Europeans, parliament abolishes monarchy and house of lords, declared a republic establishes England as a commonwealth found it too difficult to work with Parliament Dismisses Parliament, establishes military dictatorship Ruled until death in 1658 Parliament restores monarchy with Charles II Returned to Church of England Charles had to keep power in Parliament Parliament introduces exclusion bill to bar James II from throne Creation of two parties: The Whigs (anti-catholic), and the Tories (want lawful succession) Charles dismisses Parliament in 1681, and then dies in 1685 Elizabeth the Protestant
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