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Hatchet- plot diagram

No description

Akshat rao

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Hatchet- plot diagram

Hatchet- plot diagram
Rising action #1
Rising action #3
Rising action #5
In the book Hatchet, the main character is a 13 year old teenager named Brian Robeson. He is flying over the canadian wilderness, carrying a dreadful memory that is tearing Brian apart, the Secret. Then he is faced with the most difficult challenge of life, survival. His plane crashes and he is left with nothing but his hatchet. The book is about the adventures he takes..... to survive.

The climax of Hatchet is when Brian finds the survival pack. He chops his way through the bracing of the plane, and he swims through the water inside to find the survival pack, full of "unbelievable riches." This, he felt and thought, was a good and also bad feeling for him. He felt he did not have to understand what was around him to fit in. This meets the definition of the climax because this is where Brian overcomes the conflict, surviving in the woods.

-Akshat Rao
The resolution in the book Hatchet is when Brian goes home and reunites with his parents. He goes back, and continues his life. He figures out that he lost 17 percent of his body weight during his "trip" to the forest. Food was wonderful to him, as he sometimes stared at grocery store aisles, marveling at the food stacked there, waiting to be eaten. He learned about what type of animals he encountered, and what were the names of the food he ate. He never told anyone about the Secret, or the man in the station wagon.
Falling Action #1
A falling action in the book is him making the meal after finding the survival pack. This meets the definition of a falling action because this now can help him get food, even if he does not get rescued
Falling action #2
Another falling action is when Brian gets rescued by the pilot. He is a fur-buyer, on a route to map Cree trapping camps. This event is a falling action because this is connected to the climax of finding the survival pack, while it leads to the resolution or the book, when Brian gets home.
Rising action #2
Rising action #4
A rising action would be Brian's hatchet. His mother gave it to him to help in the oil fields. This develops the conflict for better because he has a tool to help survive, even if it might not help as much.
Another rising action in the book is when the pilot teaches Brian how to pilot the plane. This meets the definition of rising action because it develops the conflict for good, because Brian would have crashed into the forest, not being able to pilot the plane, not the lake.
Another rising action would be the pilot having a heart attack. This meets the definition because it develops the conflict for worse by causing Brian to veer off course and crash.
Another rising action for the better would be Brian landing the plane. This is a rising action because if not, he might have died if he had not crashed into the lake.
Another rising action is Brian finding the gut cherries. This is a rising action because this is the first form of food that Brian found.
Rising action #6
Brian also built his shelter as another rising action. This is a rising action because it provided safety for the time that he was in the forest.
Rising action #7
Another one was when Brian found the raspberries. This was a tastier form of food for Brian. This was a rising action because he no longer had pain in his stomach caused by the gut cherries
Rising action #8
Another important rising action would be Brian's encounter with the bear in the raspberry bushes. It taught him that not everything in the wilderness is out to get him. This is a rising action because it improved Brian's confidence and courage in him self
Rising action #9
Another important animal encounter is with the turtle and its eggs. He first thought that the turtle was playing by the bank, but he later realized it was laying eggs. This taught him that everything in nature has a valid reason to do the thing, and they never do it for pleasure, only for SURVIVAL.
Rising action #10
Another animal encounter would be the porcupine. It prompted Brian to throw his hatchet, causing an explosion of sparks shower down on him. Later, he felt self-pity, and realized that it does not get you anywhere
Brian made fire, an important tool for survival. He tried with various different methods, but in the end, he discovered that when he hit the hatchet against the wall, the shower of sparks hit the birch bark, and he blew on it slightly, it erupted into flames. It provided 2 benefits, light and heat.
Rising action #11
Rising action #12
Brian found a new form of food around this time. This new form of food were the turtle eggs. At first, Brian was reluctant, but after he started eating, he could not stop. He also stored them in his shelter.
Rising action #13
Brian learned another lesson with the skunk encounter. One day a skunk came digging up Brian's turtle eggs. He yelled, but in return, the skunk let the smell loose. He was blinded for a day, and felt the burning in his eyes for weeks to come. He learned not only that everything nature does is for food, but he learned that a shelter must do more than just keep the bad weather out.
Rising action #14
Brian found another form of meat here. He discovered fish. This taught him to never overdo yourself.
Rising Action #15
Another form of meat called foolbirds. These birds drove Brian close to insane. When he was walking, one would always blow up in his face. He discovered if you move to the side, not directly and approach them, you can get them before they fly away.
Rising action #16
The tornado is a very important rising action. When it happened, the plane got its tail stuck up in the water. This caused Brian to search the tail, leading to the climax of finding the survival pack.
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