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Camille Glasow

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Smell

Finally Lets do an activity! The Science of Smelling Smell Olfaction: experiences of smell
1. Odor molecules reach cluster of receptor cells at nasal cavity
2. Olfactory receptor cells respond, signaling brain of smells through the axon fibers
3. Signals are transmitted to higher regions of brain The Story of Smell We can discern information about the chemical composition of substances before coming into more direct contact with them.
Ancestors sniffed for food & predators

For many animals, smell is the most important sense. They use smell to communicate and navigate.
Example: Migrating salmon follow olfactory cues
to find their home stream.

Smell is an important part of taste. Many qualities of foods that we think we taste, are actually a function of smell. Questions: What's the purpose of smell?
To help determine what a substance is, related to our sense of taste.
To identify others- whether it be a member of your species of the opposite gender- or an approaching predator. Development of Smell The attractiveness of smells depends on learned associations.
We are humans are born without smell preference.
Good experience associated with particular scent=attractive scent. However we dislike the odors of harmful substances, keeping us from ingesting spoiled or poisonous food.
Odor hedonics
People in America tend to like wintergreen because it's associated with candy/gum. In Britain people don't tend to like it because it's associated with medicine
Cultural differences Diminishing sense of smell
Men have weaker sense of smell than women Odor Example
Camphor Mothballs
Musky Perfume
Floral Roses
Mint Mint Gum
Ether Dry Cleaning Fluid
Putrid Rotten Eggs
Acrid Vinegar Our Memories Smell Information from the taste buds (yellow arrow) travels to an area of the temporal lobe not far from where the brain receives olfactory information

This process interacts with taste.

The brain’s circuitry for smell (red arrow) also connects with areas involved in memory storage
-Which helps explain why a smell can trigger a memory explosion
-Olfactory bulb is connected to the amygdala and hippocampus Olfaction: Your Sense of Smell By Will Denslow and Camille Glasow Good or Bad? What season do you smell? The Smelly Facts All flavors come from smell. Without a sense of smell you can’t taste the difference between an apple and a potato or a glass of red wine and a cup of cold coffee.
A woman’s attraction to a man depends more on how he smells to her than on any other particular physical characteristic.
Smells can alter and influence our moods and our behaviors.
You can not smell while you are asleep. You don’t smell the coffee and wake up; rather you wake up and then smell the coffee. An odor is identified when it triggers a combination of receptors; fits like a lock and key
Combination of olfactory receptors, activating neural patterns allows us to distinguish aromas
For example, smelling the difference between fresh brewed and day-old coffee Questions- Continued What accounts for our personal smell preferences? At birth we are born without them, they develop through our good and bad experiences to our likings.

Why do food smells make you more hungry or make your mouth water? what triggers these reflexes? Smell is important to our survival because it contributes to our appetites. When the brain recognizes the smell of food, it prepares the body by increasing saliva.
Elderly people often have a decrease in appetite because their sense of smell is diminished The Theory of Smells in Practice Subway, with its 35,000, franchises across the united states makes employees bake bread every 2 hours in order to create a "bread aroma". They found an increase of sales when stores bake regularly. The Nose The Intelligent Travel Agent A famous example of the use of smell was a travel agent in Germany who used to vent the smell of sun screen into his store. When customers would walk in, they would be more inclined to go on a trip.
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