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Terra Cotta Army

No description

Hyerin Yoon

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Terra Cotta Army

Terra Cotta Warriors Shi Huangdi was the one who wanted the Terra Cotta warriors. He wanted them to protect him in the afterlife. He also constructed the Great Wall of China. All of the warriors that were built were different and unique. The ceramic bodies were made of solid terracotta clay. They were painted with a substance called Chinese purple.
Shi Huangdi The infantry soldiers range between 5 foot 8 inches; commanders were 6 and a half feet tall. The tallest were the generals. Did you know that all of the soldiers were different sizes? Do you know what the clay soldiers were made of and what they got painted with? The types of clay statues that were in the tomb were: Warriors, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, strongmen, and musicians. The Terra Cotta Army was found in 1974 by archaeologists. The archaeologists were building a new well. Here is a little about Shi Huangdi: Where and how did they find the Terra Cotta Army? By Haena Kang, Victoria Tsao, and Hyerin Yoon They all differ from facial features and expression, hairstyles, clothing, gestures, and poses. Do you know whhat kind of statues there were? Hope you enjoy the presentation! The weapons the statues were holding were real. When the archaeologists dug up the warriors and the weapons, the weapons were still sharp because of surface treatment. A little about the weapons the warriors had: Thank you for watching my presentation the Terra Cotta warriors! Hope you enjoyed!
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