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Current Trends in Multimedia

this kills the man

Gabriella Gutierrez

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Current Trends in Multimedia

by Alex and Gabriella Gutierrez Current Trends in Multimedia Definition: A tendency or prevailing style Trend Definition:
An extension of hypertext allowing the provision of audio and video material cross-referenced to a computer text. Mulitmedia Photography Design Animation Trends in Design 3 Categories CSS or Cascading Style Sheets The presentation of semantics through markup code. Its main purpose is to separate document content from document presentation. This includes the layouts fonts and menu's of a website. CSS is written in HTML and XHTML but can be applied also to any kind of XML document. Trends in Animation The revival of CSS3 and HTML5 These are two programs that use the means of markup code to
apply design. These programs may not provide the same design elements as Flash, but have enough valor to supplement fast and attractive designs for websites. CSS3 offers interactive menus and drop downs. It's animated abilities are easy and lightweight. Animated, computer generated multimedia features have become increasingly popular in both television and film. has had a big impact on commercial advertising. Techniques -Traditional method originating from Phenakistoscope. included simple drawings moving simultaneously to create the effect of animation TRANSITIONED TO Computer Animation http://image.space.rakuten.co.jp/lg01/98/0001006098/13/img8adfef34zikdzj.gif Simpler Color Designs Simplicity has become a frequent trend. The use of
colors within a similar color scheme as well as using primary colors like red ,blue, and green as the start of the color schemes. -Many films have been created with amazing visual effects
-Two-dimensional computer graphics developed from traditional printing.
-2-D graphics introduced in 1950s
-1970s growth in 3D Animation branches out
-Many tools and techniques have developed and modified animation. There is cell-shaded or toon shading graphics that designs the animation to give an impression of cartoon characters
-Skeletal graphics is used to create the human characters in cartoon. This form is often used by gaming or film industry
-overall continues to help progress a variety of professions from straight up animators to the medical field to astronomy In web design.. Hand Drawn Illustrations Original artwork in designs has increased. They tend to give the design a more unique and personal touch. Rather than stock images and previously provides pictures. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_luvgjtnczM1r4ypkdo1_500.gif 3-D -3d animation has become rapidly
popular with productions such
as Brave, The Lorax and Toy Story 3 のヮの -although 3D animation has been on the
high rise in the animation world recently
,Disney in particular, has gone back to
the roots of hand drawn 2-D animation
with Princess and the Frog. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m26z70tKDj1qezk6n.gif 2-D Trends in Photography Type and Patterns The use of simple colors and interesting type has arisen.
Rather than flashy special effects, it has shifted to a more simple and clean appearance. There also has been an integration of organic objects to make up text and patterns. Patterns that are bold and visually appealing are becoming quite frequent as well. Simple is big now. Being authentic is also big. Photography has developed a long way from
with the development of new technologies such as photoshop. Photography has gone through a few main
aesthetic directions which include: ■Graphic abstraction
■Painted expressionism
■New romanticism A graphic still life photo that makes us question whether the object is 2D or 3D
Abstracted geometric shapes against flat blocks of color
clean angles highlight the beauty of simplicity http://vimeo.com/41314639 Example Animations http://www.youtube.com/embed/4qCbiCxBd2M?wmode=transparent An experimental, unforced approach is taken by photographers who mix media in an unrestrained fashion
create beautiful painterly images that drip with both color and texture
use of imagery Examples of Websites http://www.amazeelabs.com/en Mesmerizing multi-colored mayhem h
a hallucinogenic kaleidoscope of synthetic pop
frees our mind from an overly perfected and controlled world. Things aren't always what they seem
objects, ideas, things, represented in an abstract, or impossible way current fascination for all things nostalgic
capturing the romance of memories and happy times
Delicate and innocent in feel
sense of spirituality and renewed connection to nature Graphic Abstraction Psychadelia Painted Expressionism Surrealism New Romanticism THE END THE END
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