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The London School of Linguistics

No description

Elsa Garipova

on 25 December 2013

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Transcript of The London School of Linguistics

The London School
of Structuralism

A presentation by Elsa Garipova
group 0519.1012

It is involved with:
The School's main contributions to linguistics:
Henry Sweet
John Rupert Firth
(1890 - 1960)
Michael Alexander Kirkwood
(1925- )
Daniel Jones (1881 - 1967)
Please write this down:
language on the descriptive plane (synchrony)
the distinguishing of structural (syntagmatics)
systemic (paradigmatics) concepts
the social aspects of language
the situational theory of meaning (semantics)
the prosodic analysis (phonology)
the rejection of the concepts of the speech collective and social experience
the Germanic languages
works on issues of phonetics and grammar in language and the teaching of languages
many influential ideas
International Phonetic Alphabet
the English Pronouncing Dictionary
Outline of English phonetics (1914)
speech can be divided into segments of sound strung one after the other
theory of prosodic analysis
contextual theory of meaning
developed Firth's ideas
coherent theory of language
systemic functional grammar
The main
: the situational theory of meaning, the prosodic analysis.
The most famous
H. Sweet, D. Jones, J.R. Firth,
M.A.K. Halliday.
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