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Teen Mommy Darci!

Idaho PSA against teenage pregnancy

Cliff Bell

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Teen Mommy Darci!

Teen Mommy Darci Images Music Creepy Sounds at End Use of Children Use of dolls Envisioning of future lifestyle Home Setting "Teeny tiny trailer" Unemployment lines Welfare checks No child support No job No Dad (mentioned twice) "Teen Parenting ISn't Fun" Crying Baby Electric Static "Sex lasts a moment. Being a parent lasts a lifetime." Why? Message is for teenagers Portrayed Innocence? Future Possibility? No, because that would be a happy childhood More shocking? Happy tone conflicts with message Children and sex linked? Message Against teen sex, or against teen pregnancy? Happy, upbeat Obvious Barbie parody Barbie Parody Why? More shocking Especially with dichotomy between final message and the happy children List of things they will have. Bad things Primary means of communicating the message Lyrics are one of the primary means of communicating the message At first it appears that the PSA is against pregnancy, as it only lists a possible future that could result from getting pregnant However, the final screen reveals the true message: This part of the PSA is designed to drive the point home, to disgard the false cheeriness and reveal a frightening and gritty truth Elements of Rhetrickery Packaging Consumerism Rhetoric of Not: Emphasizes what you will NOT have, what you lose by getting pregnant as a teenager The home itself is not shown much, more emphasis is placed on the children and "Darci" The creators of the PSA did not want the viewer to feel too familiar with the setting,
they wanted the viewer to concentrate more on Darci and her lifestyle The heavy use of imagery is more suggestive of a children's commercial than any other part of the PSA. It is meant to be simple, with an easy-to-grasp message that will be shown, no imagination necessary In one scene you have happy children playing with dolls In the next you have white words on a black screen as a baby cries and electricity sparks in the background Future is presented as a gaurantee, not a possibility In reality, there are far too many variables to predict how good or bad it will be The PSA makes having a baby look bad by showing all of the items you will not possess Including:
A large home
Teen Daddy Darren
A job
Child support This PSA is directed towards girls The PSA for boys is about ACTION TEEN FATHER The PSA uses toys, a product, to demonstrate what other products you will and will not have Money, a job, and products are all made out to be important items you will not possess The PSA is packed together like a children's commercial
Children The PSA is bundled as a glimpse into your future, should you get pregnant
There may be toys, but its obvious what the PSA is trying to warn you about The PSA is packaged as being 100% accurate
There is never an alternative presented
Nor is there any doubt portrayed
It is shown as Truth F 1 n
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