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Jeni Boulanger

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Generations

The Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
Common Experiences:
invention of TV
Korean War, Vietnam War
start of the Cold War
Martin Luther King, Jr. & civil rights movement
JFK assassination
women's rights movement
rock & roll
education is a right
The Silent Generation (1925-1945)
aka "The Greatest Generation"
Common Experiences:
The Great Depression
FDR's New Deal
World War II
before TV
education was a dream
People of the Silent Generation tend to be:
patriotic & trusting of the government - veterans
frugal, practical, resourceful
strong work ethic
value honor & respect
believe in strict discipline
ambitious & seek achievement and status
Generation X (1965-1979)
Common experiences:
1st moon landing
Watergate scandal
End of Vietnam War
MLKing & Bobby Kennedy Assassinations
Cold War
invention of the PC
birth control pill
oil crisis
education is a way to get there
groups of people born about the same time & who shared the same historical experiences
$100 today = $1,204 in 1930.
gallon of gas = 10-cents
new car cost less than $700
steak = 20-cents/lb.
ballpoint pen
sticky tape

Baby Boomers tend to be:
largest population in history
optimistic -- feel they can change the world
less idealistic once settled down to raise family -- more individualistic & motivated by money, status
hard work & long hours -- committed to their jobs
well-established & constitute a large majority of today's law firm leaders & corporate executives
believe in working your way up the ladder -- experience is more valuable than a degree
tend to be defined by their work -- so are working longer
loyal to employer & likely to stay in same job with same company their lifetime
$100 today = $835 in 1950
gallon of gas = 25-cents in 1959
new car cost around $2,000
toys were very much gender designed with dolls, prams, dressmaking for girls toys and Cowboys and indians, cars and construction sets for boys.
Popular Toys:
Mr. Potato Head

the birth control pill
satellites in space (1957)
credit cards (1950)
hydrogen bomb (1952)
transistor radio (1953)\microchip (1958)
robot (1954)
$100 = $517 in 1970
gallon of gas = 36-cents in 1970
86-cents in 1979
eggs = 25-cents/dozen
avg. house = $24,000
Generation Xers tend to be
grew up with 2-income and/or divorced households
question authority -- not blind loyalty
value authenticity
independent & self-reliant
value freedom
thrive on diversity, challenge, responsibility & creative input
rebellious to idealism of Baby Boomers
loyal to profession rather than employer
like to socialize and have fun
bar code
personal computer
ink jet printer
invitro fertilization
video games

Generation Y (1980-2000)
aka Millenium
Common Experiences:
Challenger explosion
Fall of Berlin Wall & Soviet Union (end of Cold War)
divorce & latch-key kids
Oklahoma City Bombing
OJ Simpson trial/LA riots
Columbine shooting
internet introduced
Y2K scare
education is an incredible expense
Generation Yers tend to be:
had "helicopter parents" who said they could do anything
culturally diverse
tech savvy
confident - expect their opinions to be heard & usually not shy
want to do things their own way
achievement-oriented & not driven as much by money
seek variety & challenges
gallon of gas = $1.16
dozen eggs = $1.00
Average new home cost $150,000 in 1990
cordless phone
caller ID
TV ads for prescription drugs

Your Generation
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