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Song Project: Of Mice and Men

No description

Lindsey Holt

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Song Project: Of Mice and Men

This chapter is about Curley getting jealous about the thought of Slim and his wife. He gets mad and hits Lennie which results in Lennie breaking Curley's hand.
"I don't like the way he's looking at you. Im starting to think you want him too."
"I turn my cheek, music up, and I'm puffing my chest. I'm getting red in the face you can call me obsessed."
This song relates to the chapter because Curley thinks that Slim is always with his wife and he accuses him of it. He also gets mad and takes it out on Lennie.
Chapter 3: Jealous-Nick Jonas
This chapter is about Crooks and his life living away from everyone because he is black. In this chapter it talks about his housing conditions and how they are terrible.
"I am in misery, there ain't nobody who can comfort me. Why won't you answer me? The silence is slowly killing me."
This song relates because Crooks is in "misery" and he is very lonely.
Chapter 4: Misery-Maroon 5
Chapter 6: Dream On - Aerosmith
Chapter 5: Tainted Love-Soft Cell
"Of Mice and Men"
Song Project

Chapter 1:On the Road Again- Willie Nelson
Chapter 1 is mainly about Lennie and George on their way to the ranch. They stop at night and find a place to sleep while on their way.
"On the road again like a band of gypsies we go down the highway we're the best of friends insisting that the world keep turning our way and our way"
This song applies to the chapter because George and Lennie are "on the road again" to their next job. The song also says "we're the best of friends" which relates to George and Lennie's friendship.
Chapter 2: Armarillo sky-Jason Aldean
Chapter 2 is about how Lennie and George arrived at the ranch and they met all their co-workers.
"He just takes the tractor another round, An' pulls the plow across the ground, and sends up another prayer. "
This song relates to the chapter because it is talking about guys working at a ranch and this chapter is all about them at the ranch.
"On the road again" Willie Nelson
"Amarillo Sky" Jason Aldean
"Jealous" Nick Jonas
"Misery" Maroon 5
"Tainted Love" Soft Cell
"Dream On" Aerosmith
"Lonely is the Night" Billy Squier
This chapter is about the boys searching for Lennie and George ended up eventually killing Lennie.
"Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true"
This relates to the chapter because George tells Lennie about their dream before he dies and he tells him about heaven and how it's gonna be.
This chapter is about Lennie killing his puppy and Curley's wife. Lennie runs away after he does this so they cannot find him.
"Sometimes I feel I've got to run away, I've got to get away"
This relates to the chapter because Lennie ran away from the problems he has caused and he felt like he had to "get away"
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