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Earth Day

Teacher Survey. "What eco-friendly activities do you do within your classrooms or area of the school?"

sarah daley

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Earth Day

Earth Day

Teachers Survey!

"What eco-friendly activities do you do within your classrooms or area of the school?"
Create question
Steps get list of teachers from the office Send e-mails to teachers collect e-mail responses intimidate those who did not reply collect in person responses display responses creatively and effectively Target teachers Difficulties encouraging teachers to respond displaying information effectively getting coloured ink Easy creating question making the poster Highlights enthusiastic teachers rewarding eco-friendly teachers with prizes taking pictures Lowlights Recieving all the responses from teachers
Most did not reply
Many people ignored our poster
Wish we could of... Recieved more responses from teachers
Advertise the poster more effectively
Purpose To identify if teachers in this school if they do their part to help the environment
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