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Sparta & Athens: Women`s Rights

Comparing lives of women in Ancient Greece

natalie mccray

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Sparta & Athens: Women`s Rights

Athenian women Women could not own property and if husband dies, they became virtual slaves.
Young teenage daughters married off to men in 30’s.
Couldn’t become a new member of her family yet, until a new born child was born.
Athenian women could not be seen in public , and had no rights. “ Women didn’t exist, human life would be free of all miniseries.”( Graham)
“ If only children could be gotten some other way with the female sex!” ( Euripides)
“Women were…highly sexual beings who could not control their sexual urges and therefore had to be restricted for their own benefit.” (Graham) QUOTES Slave women- carried out domestic chores and were nannies to women of the houses of children.
Athenian citizen women/ Hetaerae- consider prostitutes though allowed education and to visit the Agora or marketplace.
Concubines were only women in Athena that had some types of rights, but were considered prostitutes and could move freely through society, but was highly exploited. 3 Classes of Women Euripides says in Andromache: "Spartan girls could not be chaste even if they wanted to. They leave home, and with naked thighs and their dresses loosened, they share the running tracks and gymnasiums with the young men.“ Quotes When Sparta girls were growing up they were taught to read, write and take care of themselves. Spartan women were married off by their parents at the age of 18.
They were trained in sports events like javelin, foot races, and arranged battles.
Women were expected to guard and be warriors of the home and property while husbands were away at war.
Generally women could do anything a man could do. Society in Sparta for Women Spartan women, lived in a very different society than most women in Greece.
The women of Sparta were the only ones that had economic power and influence. Only in Sparta did girls receive public education. Society in Sparta for Women (Cont.) Presented By:
Breauna Young
Natalie McCray Sparta & Athens: Women`s Rights Other City-States in Greece Women in other city-states, had very few rights! Were under control by husbands or other male figures in their lives. They could not participate in anything! Job was taking care of household. QUIZ TIME!!! 1. Name one fact about a Spartan Women.

2. Name 1 fact about an Athenian Women.

3. How do you feel about how women were treated??
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