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School Presentation

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Stephan B

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of School Presentation

Kule Folklore Centre Where Anna Vince BA: Ukrainian Language and Literature
MA: Ukrainian Folklore

Cobblestone Freeway –
Culture & Adventure Tours Brian Natalie BA: Music Major,
Ukrainian Folklore Minor

Development Officer
Art Gallery of Alberta

Viter Ukrainian Song & Dance Ensemble interpreting culture Folklore Ukrainian Ukrainian
Dance Slavic Folklore Early Ukrainian more Growing our Ukrainian Folklore
Student Community are they now? Kuranicheva Rees Cherwick Ozipko Consider your Option Research Preservation Teaching What is Folklore? Why is Folklore Important? Vlodko Boychuk INT D 439 UKR 327 Canadian History UKR 324 Culture courses all Faculties open to students in Future of the Folklore Program research centre North America's only Ukrainian Folklore Sogu Hong BA Honours
MA: Ukrainian Folklore

Ukrainian Bilingual Teacher, Jean Vanier MA, PhD. Ukrainian Folklore

First Ukrainian professor
in Korea MA: Ukrainian Folklore
Ph.D. Ethnomusicology/ folklore studies

Musician, Composer, Teacher, Kubasonics SLAV 499 Spring 2013 Fall 2013 Winter 2014 Winter 2014 UKR 423: Ukrainian Song and Story
UKR 427: Ukrainian Customs
MLCS 204: Forms of Folklore
MLCS 205: The Study of Folklore
MLCS 399: Hip Hop Culture
MLCS 405: Contemporary Folklore Studies
FREN 499: French Folklore & Popular Culture Ukrainian
Studies Business Arts Engineering Education Nursing Science Phys. Ed. Medicine & Dentistry 7.2 % budget cut to the U of A

Minimum 12 students required per course Instruction is in English

300 and 400 level courses open to 1st and 2nd year students.

Scholarships available for enrolling in courses

Open to students in all faculties What are you waiting for? Native Studies Scholarships Register for a course An interesting path to success & Community
Engagement Peter and Doris Kule Centre
for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore MA: Ukrainian Folklore

Lawyer: Immigration Issues The traditional beliefs, customs, skills, arts and stories of a community. Some traditions are old, others are surprisingly new! Qualitative interpretation of culture

Deep content knowledge

Communication skills

Interviewing, researching participant observation

Organizing and presenting information

Re-packaging and distribution of information. on Bear Tracks Check out current course offerings at www.ukrfolk.ca Friends of Ukrainian Folklore
Awarded annually to University of Alberta students enrolled in a Ukrainian folklore course on the basis of academic standing.

Awarded annually to grade 12 graduating students and University of Alberta students on the basis of superior Ukrainian dance potential and enrollment in the Ukrainian dance course. Student Award (max. 24 of $250) Student Dance Award (5 of $1,000)
Awarded annually to University of Alberta students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program in Ukrainian Folklore on the basis of academic standing

Awarded to University of Alberta students enrolled in a course within the Ukrainian Folklore program based on highest grades received in MLCS 205 Folklore or other recognized Folklore classes. Kawulych Ukrainian Folklore Undergraduate Award (max 2 of $500) Kule Canadian Folklore Undergraduate Class Award (max 2 of $500) facebook.com/ukrfolk @ukrfolk www.ukrfolk.ca Email: ukrfolk@ualberta.ca Transferable Skills Career Our Students,
Awarded annually to a student with superior academic achievement in the Faculty of Arts studying Ukrainian Folklore.

Awarded for the best essay written for a Ukrainian Folklore class.

Awarded to complete a research project in the area of Ukrainian performing arts or ritual. Vera Gordey Smith Memorial Scholarship (1 of $500) Sochan Ukrainian Folklore Essay Award
($250 plus assistance in publishing the article) Gregory and Julia Patrick Prize (1 @ $500)
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