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Jazmin Ortiz

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Explorer

Born in Saborosa, part of Villa Real, in southern Portugal . He is Portuguese

His parents died when he was 10

After he renounced with his Portugal nationality, he offered his services to Spain.

He married Beatriz Barbosa in 1517 and they both had a son named Rodrigo.

-Portugal supported Ferdinand in 1502-1512
-Spain supported them in 1519-1521 Ferdinand Magellan is famous because he discovered the Straight of Magellan.Staight of Magellan is a passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Magellan didn't accomplish his goal of getting to the Spice Islands through a westerly route but he was the first european to cross the Pacific Ocean and was about to circumnavigate the world. Quiz Questions
1. What year was it when he first sailed?
2. What place did he conquer in 1511?
3. Where was he killed? Quiz Answers
1. He first sailed in 1505
2. He helped conquer Melaka
3. He was killed in the Philippines. This is a Copperplate Engraving. It was made in 1590 by Crispin van der Passe Expedition time line:
1.The first time he sailed was in 1505, going to India.
2.In 1506 he sailed again with Francisco Almeda. They went to the east coast of Africa to strengthen the Portuguese bases.
3. In 1509 he was in the great Battle of Diu, and that gave the Portuguese power over most of the Indian Ocean.
4.In 1511 he was part of the conquering of Melaka.
5.1512 returned to Portugal and fought in Morocco the next year.
6.In 1513 he returned to Portugal and joined the military expedition to Morocco.
7.In 1521 he was killed at the Mactan expedition.

This is a map of the Strait of Malacca By: Jazmin Ortiz and Karina Reyes
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