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What stains teeth the most, tea, coffee or coke?

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Joanna kim

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of What stains teeth the most, tea, coffee or coke?

Independent- The kind of drink you put the egg into ( Coffee, Tea, or Coke)

Dependent- Which one of the eggs are stained the most from which kind of drink.

Constants- The egg, the amount of the drinks, the environment ( lightning, and temperature), time,

What stains teeth the most, tea, coffee or coke?

1. The tea will stain the teeth the most because of the amount of tannin in the tea, therefor staining teeth.
2. The coffee will stain the teeth the most because it has a natural dark brown coloring, therefor staining the teeth.
3. Coke will stain teeth the most because it has the most chemical products, sugar, and has a brown food coloring therefore making the teeth stain.
4. Coke, coffee, and tea will stain teeth the same because they all have a form of sugar and caffeine in them.
1. Eggs, hollowed out.
2. Coffee- Nescafe (classic)
3. Tea- Traders Joe’s Chamomile Tea
4. Coke- Coca-cola
5.Three large glass containers
6. knitting/sewing needles
7. 3 covered containers

Real world application
My question fits the real world application because many people have problems with stained teeth. This experiment can find what makes teeth stain the most or the least. Therefor people with stained teeth problems can find out what kind of drinks to avoid and what kind of drinks will help them improve their teeth.

works cited



background research
When a person walks in the door and gives you a wide smile you would have thought that they would have bright shining teeth like in the toothpaste commercials. But that's not always true. Some people may give you that smile with stained, yellow teeth.Yuck. Many people suffer from this world wide problem. So what exactly triggers stained teeth? Well, the most common cause for stained teeth are what you drink. Coffee, Tea, or certain kinds of soft drinks are one of the most frequent principles of stained teeth. Although you may know somethings about these drinks, here are the many other things about them.
Tea, is a healthy drink that can sooth many people on rough days, but it is one of the principles of stained teeth. According to legends tea has been known and was originated in China since about 2700 BC. For about a million years, it was used for many medical purposes such as headaches, sore throats, and many more. Then around the 3rd century AD. tea became a daily drink, and the tea harvesting business began. tea's best-known factor is caffeine, it also gives the tea to become a light energy source but does not contribute a lot to the color, aroma, or flavoring. About 4 percent of the solids in a tea leaf is caffeine and a cup of tea is known to have 60 to 90 milligrams of caffeine. Tea is also made up of tannins, or polyphenols which are bitter-tasting material that give the drink a little bit of a sour taste. When the polyphenols come in contact with a certain substance that's called polyphenol oxidase the chemicals produce the base of the tea’s coloring. Also certain oils, depending of the type of tea, will give the tea a gentle aroma. Tea also has a bitter tasting plant polyphenolic compound, called tannin. Tannin is a substance that is used in making wine. Now that you know the basics of tea, we will go to the next beverage, a bitter tasting but very popular drink.

Background Information cont.
Coffee is a international drink, it is drunk all over the world and has many different choices to choose from. The varieties range from dark americano to a sweet cappuccino. Many of you might know that the coffee bean is always the starting point of making coffee here a interesting fact. According to the National Coffee Association of the U.S, coffee originated from Ethiopian highlands. Kaldi, a goatherd, was herding his goats and ended up eating some berries that grew there. At the end of the day, he recorded that he did not want to go to sleep at night. So Kaldi reported to the monks that he could stay wide awake during the boring evening prayers. Because of this finding the monks ended up harvesting and producing these berries in small gardens. Throughout the years this information has traveled its way to the Arabian Peninsula and in turn the coffee berry was mutated to the hard coffee bean.
The final principle that I will use is the most popular drink in America, coke. This soft drink is sold all over the world, but was originated from Atlanta, Georgia. Created by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola was known as a fountain beverage at Jacob's Pharmacy by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water. Coca-Cola was patented in 1887, registered as a trademark in 1893 and in 1895 it was being sold in every state and territory in the United States. In 1899, The Coca-Cola Company began bottling it’s product in the United States. Although many people enjoy and drink it, many doctors or nutritionist are saying soda is a major factor in obesity.
Tea, coffee, and coke are very popular throughout the world, these products are the most common source of stained teeth. Coke is not recommended by your local dentist. Although these factors range from the bitter coffee bean to the sweet corn syrup in coke, they will be tested for stained teeth. So which product will stain the teeth the most? Well stay tuned to find out.

1. Fill three separate large containers with 2 cups of coffee, tea, and coke.(Make sure that the coffee and the tea have cooled down to room temperature)

2. Put 2 hollowed-out eggshell into each glass container.( After following the hollowing out egg procedures.)

3. Fish the 6 eggs out of each container after 30 min and set them in 3 different bowls depending on the liquid they were kept in.

4.Observe if any of the eggs have any discoloration.
Then compare which egg has been stained/colored the most.

5.Record your results.

How to hollow out an egg (If allergic to eggs please ask a friend or a adult to hollow out the eggs for you)
1. Wash and dry a raw egg.

2. Insert a long needle into the large end of the egg to make a small hole. Twist the needle as you push it into the eggshell as far as you can while still grasping it.

3.Use the needle to make a slightly larger hole in the small end.

4.Push the needle into the center of the egg and move it around to break the yolk.

5. Hold the egg over a bowl with the small end down.

6.Give the egg a small shack

7.Place your lips over the hole at the large end of the egg and blow firmly until all the egg comes out the hole at the small end.

8. Rinse out the egg by running a thin stream of water into the larger hole.

9. Blow out the water the same way that you blew out the egg.

10.To dry the eggshell, prop it up in a dish drainer with the large end facing down.


The results are coming out as my first hypotheses and it has been true that the coffee will stain the egg shells the most before
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