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University of Washington, Andrew Yeh

What makes the University of Washington the best school ever?

Ren-Kai Yeh

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of University of Washington, Andrew Yeh

Or find a wild


around in your garden?
Where can you study AND pretend to be

Harry Potter

at the same time?
At the

University of Washington,

... just on their way to class.
But these aren't the only things that make UW special.

is a place where...

unite and


come alive.

students can walk by all these

Kodak Moments
How often can you walk outside and be surrounded by thousands of

cherry blossoms
Where our alumni
As a Californian, I applied to the University of Washington thinking that it was the same as Washington University, the school where my good friend applied. Despite this facepalm-worthy blunder, I can gladly describe this as the best mistake I have ever made.
Fun Fact:
And where I've been a student for 2 years.
My journey, however, has been filled with ups and downs.
But sometimes the midterms, essays, and sleepless nights start to pile up.
I have networked with mentors and made everlasting friendships.
Lucky for me, I have friends I know I can always count on.
But most importantly,
it's the memories I've made...
Makes me proud to call UW my home.
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