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Russian Language

Improve your vocabulary

preeti das

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Russian Language

Russian Vocabulary - 1
Russian sentences do not require auxiliary verbs to complete the sentence.
Small sentences
A voiced consonant takes only its voiceless counterpart
Pairs of Voiced and Voiceless
Simple questions do not require a question word to make it a question, however the intonation of these sentences is different from simple sentences.
question and affirmation
There are total four major principle to be remembered
To Conclude
There are total 33 alphabets out of which 10 are vowel sounds and two are signs
Introduction to Russian Alphabets
Vowel Sounds
Consonant Sounds
Phonetical rules
Rules to be remembered
Stressed Syllable
Stress are not fixed and can be placed on any syllable
Read paying attention to the stress
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