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italian+irish workers to canal systems on great lakes

By: Arani & Abisha!

abisha_ arani

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of italian+irish workers to canal systems on great lakes

Welland Canal
The Welland Canal is one of the world's greatest man made wonders. Although not as well known as the ancient Egyptian pyramids or as famous as its neighbouring natural wonder Niagara Falls, the Welland Canal can be best described as simply amazing.The Welland canal is A ship Canal connecting two of the great lakes,Lake Erie and Lake Ontario! The First Welland Canal was made in 1824 by William Hamilton Merritt. The canal opened 1829 November 30th. The current canal we have now was built in 1913-1932!
Welland Canal
- The length of the canal is: 43.5 km.
-The average time (to go around the canal) is: 11 hours.
-The elevation change between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie is 99.5 m.
- The canal closes in the winter (January to March) because of the ice.
- It re-opens in the spring, when the water is safe again.
- The Welland Canal has 5 seperate locks.
- The maximum length of a ship to go through the canal is 225.5 m.
- On a ship, 40,000 tonnes of cargo are carried through the Welland Canal.
- The owner of the canal is: Welland Canal Company.
- The principal engineer is Hiram Tibbetts.
Who are Irish Canadians?
- Irish canadians are immigrants who are originated from Ireland.
- 1.2 million Irish immigrants arrived from 1820 to 1970.
- They are the largest ethnic group (after the french.)
- In Ontario , the population of Irish is 16.5%
- Some Most Famous actors and actress are Roma Downey & Pierce Broshan

The Rideau Canal

The rideau canal is build by the Irish. Another name for the Canal is Rideau Waterways. It was build in 1832 (very first Rideau canal.) The architect was John By. The Rideau Canal connects the city of Ottawa & Ontario, on the Ottawa River to the city of Kingston on Lake Ontario. It was designated in 1925. The region is in North America. The type was cultural. The source of the Rideau Canal is the Ottawa River. In length, it is 200 km.
Hi there! so today us,Arani Abisha & are going to do a presentation on Irish and Italian workers to Canal systems on the Great lakes. Today we will be telling you about many thing the irish and italian people had to do with The Great Lakes!
Irish + italian workers to canal systems on great lakes
By: Arani+ Abisha

who are Italian canadians?
- Italian canadians are immigrants who originated from Italy.
-They are the 5th largest ethnic group
- The percentage for italian Canadians are 7.2%
- In the GTA the population is 9.2%
-Some of the most famous Italian singers are Lady gaga and Madonna.
The Rideau canal
In the winter, a part of the Rideau Canal passing through Central Ottawa, becomes officially the world's largest skating rink. The cleared length is 7.8 km, and has the equivalent area of 90 Olympic ice hockey rinks. The French called this "Canal Rideau". During the War of 1812, The Rideau Canal was a preventive military measure. Half of the workers who Built this canal died from Malaria.

Thank you for listening to our presentation, we hoped you enjoyed learning about the Irish+ Italian workers on the Canal system.
-Arani+ Abisha
*So before we get to know about the people who built these canals, lets talk a little bit about who they are.*
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