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Impacts on Food in Poverty in The Greater Vancouver Area

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Amy Wong

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Impacts on Food in Poverty in The Greater Vancouver Area

1 2 3 4 Environmental Social Economic Political CONCEPTS The Impacts of
Food On POverty * People living in poverty are restricted to fast food it’s
cheap and accessible
* Energy Intensity to create food, packaging waste,
CO2 emissions from drive-thru’s, raising cattle
and transportation
* Fast food outlets have tried to rise to the challenge Environmental Definitions and Terms Poverty is defined either in absolute terms—inability to obtain the basic necessities of life—or in relative terms—being at a relative disadvantage economically and socially in comparison to others living in the same community Poverty Food Security Social Awareness Food security exists when all people, at
all times, have physical and
economic access to sufficient, safe and
nutritious food to meet their dietary
needs and food preferences for an active
and healthy life Important FActors *Geography (climate + weather + growing season)
*Popularity (population growth) *Planes rapidly become
common way to
import/export food *Consumers will buy out of
season, imported food if
available – but – people are demanding more local produce
to eat from supermarkets *Organic Lifestyle becoming popular – but expensive and therefore
exclusive to financially well off Out of Season Produce People in poverty don’t have access to own
produce due to lack of housing and it’s
easier to purchase non-local, fast food.
Some Solutions Are:
community gardens and local
food systems that benefit health
and environment Growing Your Own Produce Social HEalth Concerns Education Economic Financial burdens and barriers Low income individuals and Families *lack of health care, housing, and
education result in poorer heath and
lower wages *Vancouver with one of the worst
“community affordability” *result in lack of food options and limited food budgets *rise in food prices - lack of proper servings and healthy choices Children in Poverty Children living in poverty are likely
to be handicapped in their ability
to focus and learn in school Solutions: Hot breakfast and lunch programs “more attentive, have higher energy levels
and learning abilities, achieve higher grades,
and have fewer behavioural and emotional problem” --> *reduction of child poverty Delivery Models of Food Higher prices in commodities = fewer donations and financial aid = rise in first time users of food banks * individuals and families using the services not only gain a source of consumption but also an opportunity to learn new skills, to partake in training sessions, and to gain confidence and interaction with other individuals = employment opportunities *Vancouver has a variety of models available for
those living in low income households = non-profit Setbacks: transportation costs,
wasted food, limited amounts Solutions - Examples Localizing the
food system + government support *opportunity to support farmer
markets, publicize the importance
of buying locally grown fresh and
stored foods, and increase the number
and accessibility of community garden FoodShare (Toronto) partnership
with the Toronto Economic
Commission Kauai Food Bank in Hawaii Food Chicago To be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society. Political ACtors Successes Conclusions well being of all citizens lies within food security for all

* That the every day decisions we make within society affect the environmental, social, economic and political aspects of food and its impact of poverty
*There needs to be more collaberation from all levels of government Vancouver Agreement
Vancouver's Initiative's
-High cost Of Living
-Lowest Minimum Wage In the Entire country.

* People Resort to other Options which highly Impact the Environment

Causes Of Poverty * Physical Illnesses
- Not being able to Afford Nutrient rich foods, people are more at risk for health issues such as obesity, nutritional deficiency disease, heart problems, Diabetes, and Cancer.

* 59% Of Canadians Are either Overweight or Obese.

* Mental Illnesses
-Physical well being is directly linked to mental well-being
- Most common linked with poverty is Depression. New research shows that even mild under nutrition can prevent learning.

-Properly nourished children have a higher success rate through all educational activities.

- Education Is the key to Eradicate Poverty. Federal
Non-Profit Initiatives Non profit
Private Sector
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