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Karen Leary Case

No description

Alex Fadil

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Karen Leary Case

Karen Leary Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Your Thoughts? Hofstede Dimensions How might Chung's point of view differ from Leary's? Differing Perceptions Power Culture What constitutes effective performance? How would you assess Leary's management of Chung's performance? Should she have been more involved? How? What actions would you take to improve Chung's performance, as well as your working relationship with him? Evaluating and diagnosing performance problems Providing feedback on performance Coaching and counseling subordinates How could either person have done a more effective job of persuading the other? Leary and Chung were both ineffective in persuading the other to see and understand their needs. Karen Leary and Ted Chung were both ineffective in persuading the other to see and understand their needs. Establish Credibility Frame the common ground Connect emotionally Analyze the situation between Leary and Chung from an "emotional intelligence" point of view. How could each of them have responded to the other differently? Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness Self Regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skills Shortcomings Ted Chung’s E.I. Incompetence's:
“Adaptability” – very rigid in process and preferences“Understanding Others” – unaware and/or indifferent to Karen’s expectationsKaren Leary’s E.I. Incompetence’s:
“Leveraging Diversity” – lack of knowledge about Taiwanese culture“Building Bonds”- did not attempt to get to know Ted and his cultureMutual Incompetence:
“Influence” – their inability to influence each other was their greatest demise What are the particular challenges in managing subordinates who have different cultural backgrounds and working styles from yours? Suggest ways to resolve these challenges. Language Barrier Men vs. Women in the Workplace Customs Power Distance
Long-term Orientation Case Prepared by:
Alex, Colby, David, Jessica, Kristin
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