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Replacement Behaviors

No description

Kayla Furnia

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Replacement Behaviors

Houlihan, E. (2010, March). Positive behavior supports-teaching replacement behavior. Retrieved from http://dcps.dc.gov/DCPS/Files/downloads/In-the-Classroom/Special-Education/Autism 2011/DCPS-Positive-Behavior-Supports-Teaching-Replacement-Behavior.pdf

Myles, B. S. (2011). Strategies to overcome and prevent difficult moments. Retrieved from www.asperger.net

Development of positive behavioral support plan. (n.d.). Retrieved from www.seviercountysped.com/uploads/4/0/4/9/4049487/bip_examples.doc
Why do we use replacement behaviors?
Positive behavior intervention strategy

Appropriate replacement that
serves the same function
as the problem behavior

Without teaching a positive behavior the child will come up with one on their own

Be proactive, not reactive
4 Functions for behaviors
Types of replacement behaviors/Examples
PB- When asked to complete independent math assignments, the student talks back to adults.
RB- Teach appropriate ways for student to request assistance, a break, or alternate to activity.
Examples: Student shows "manipulative" to express frustration with work
PB- A student yells out answers before being called on and frequently interrupts peers.
RB- Teach delayed gratification(ability to have patience, self control for a later reward)
Examples: Praise, PBIS Tickets, or can be rewards received for following expectations
Obtain a desired item:
PB-When John wants a toy he intimidates and uses aggression to get what he wants.
RB-Teach skills for obtaining desired object.
Examples: Role play with peers to show effectiveness of alternative ways.
PB- Each day Suzi becomes hostile to her peers because she is hungry.
RB-Everyday before lunch give Suzi a snickers bar.

Look for patterns/Record Data/Make observations

Identify the function of the behavior

Develop a hypothesis regarding function

Make a plan to intervene

Teach the replacement behavior that serves the function

Positive Replacement Behavior?
Replacement Behaviors
Liz and Kayla

Teachable Moment
Teachable Moment
Ripping Paper
Tensing muscles
Refusing to cooperate
Explosive, Biting, Kicking, Screaming
Seek attention from adults or peers

Escape demands or avoidance

Communicate a need or want

Gain a desired item
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