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Table Manners

No description

Seonghan Yoon

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Table Manners

Definition of table manners
Rules of etiquette
Table manner's origin
Survey of table manners
Definition of table manners
Table manner's origin
Survey of table manners
Explain for table manners each other countries
Explain for table manners
each other countries
Are table manners important for you?
Do you think man's table
manners are same as woman's?
What kind of the bad table manners?
It is very important for us
Respect cultures each other countries
Talk with mouth full
Pass gas
Elbow someone
Mess up table
Table manners became quite important in Europe in the 1100s
In 1530
The rules about eating were meant to make the experience pleasant, thoughtful, and tidy
Discussion question
In your country, do they have a some unique table manners?
If we don't have table manners, what happen to do?
Prediction of survey
Wait until the elderly person have started eating
Don't eat only what you want

Don't hold chopsticks and spoon at the same time
Most people don't care about proper place-setting
Japanese people eat their meal without drinking anything
After the meal, they drink a tea
Korea table manners
Hold in both hand
Turn your head
Drinking manners
Table manners
Tradition way to eat
With friend

Break any Rules

When host say start

General Rules
Right hand
pass gass
chew with open mouth

so bad
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