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Rick Rescorla

No description

Kayla Spencer

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Rick Rescorla

September 11, 2001
Rick helped save over 2,000 workers that day
The workers he saved are doing well today
Rick's body was never found
He sacrificed himself so that others live
After Rick discovered some people were still unaccounted for, he went back up the tower.
Rick Rescorla was last seen heading up the stairs of the building
The first plane hit and Rick was instructed to tell the South Tower workers to remain working.
Rick just knew it was an emergency and started the evacuation plan they had practiced so many times
Rick Rescorla was a soldier in the Vietnam War
After the war he helped with disaster management in the World Trade Center South Tower
He made sure the workers did evacuation drills a few times a year.
He believed in helping others and that doing simple things to help others is easy
Rick Rescorla
Rick started singing songs he rememered from his childhood.
The plane hit the South Tower
Most of the people had evacuated but some were still missing
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