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Hero Project

No description

Alesha Reed

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Hero Project

Snowboarder Craig Kelly is my Hero His accomplishments

Craig Kelly was the first pro snowboarder
He started with BMX and won several national titles
After that he moved started snowboarding and turned pro at age 18
Kelly won 4 freestyle titles and 3 U.S. Open titles

why is he my hero? Craig basically created the sport of
Each step he took, the industry followd him
Pushed snowboarding,
he was a major trendsetter
He pioneered the sport in
his own carefree way
where would snowboarding be
it wasn't for him
So Talented Kelly's MIndset Once snowboarding became
popular, Craig got fed up with how
it was changing for the worse
He rode because he truley loved it, for the purity of
snowboarding In memory of Craig Kelly At age 36 kelly lost his life to an avalanche doing what he loved
Many are inspired by him of all he did to the sport we love today
He wasn't in it for money, or winning but for simply the fun and passion he had for snowboarding
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