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The Hero's Journey in "Mulan" and The Hunger Games

By Mikayla Humphrey (The Hunger Games) and Isabel Cabrera (Mulan)

Mikayla Humphrey

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey in "Mulan" and The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
is the story of 17 year old Katniss Everdeen, who voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete.
The Hero's Journey
In "Mulan" and
The Hunger Games

Call to Adventure
Challenges and Temptations
Helpers and Mentors
The Abyss
Katniss's call to adventure is when she volunteers in her sister's place to be one of the 24 tributes in the 74th Hunger Games. This is her call to adventure because this is when she receives her ultimate goal - to win the Hunger Games and return home.
Call to Adventure in The Hunger Games
The Call to Adventure in Mulan
Threshold in the Hunger Games
The threshold in the Hunger Games is when Katniss and Peeta, along with their chaperones, enter the capital via train. When they enter into the Capitol, their mission (to win the Hunger Games) begins. This also where Katniss begins to change because from here, she goes through tests, training, and prep for the Games. Katniss also begins to change mentally, because originally she was stubborn and unwilling to participate in the Games, but after persistent attempts to convince her to participate from Haymitch and Peeta, she finally accepted.
Threshold in Mulan
Mulan decides to portray herself as a boy to bring honor to her family and father. To fulfill this task, she must learn how to fight like a man, talk like a man, and act like a man in order to convince the army and all of China she is one.
Challenges and Temptations in the Hunger Games
There are many challeges Katniss has to overcome in the Hunger Games, such as the many enemies she had to battle. Other challenges she faced include her getting away from the Cornucopia, escaping the Tracker Jackers, Rue's death, and obtaining Peeta's medicine. Giving up on everything and losing hope could have been a big temptation for Katniss. Another temptation is at the end of the Games when Katniss has the ability to kill Peeta and be the sole winner. However, Katniss overcomes all of these challenges and doesn't fall to temptation.
Challenges and Temptations in Mulan
At first, Mulan has trouble training with the men in the Imperial army. Mulan and the Imperial army must protect China and go to war with the Huns. At the end of the film, Shang and Mulan must fight Shan Yu.
Helpers and Mentors in the Hunger Games
Katniss's main helper was her mentor, Haymitch. Haymitch was a past victor of the Hunger Games from District 12. He gave Katniss and Peeta advice and knowledge about the Hunger Games and informed them on ways to survive. Throughout the book, he also helped them in other various ways. Some of the less noteworthy helpers in the book include Gale, who stays home with the promise to look after Katniss's family, Cinna, who gives Katniss a makeover, thus capturing viewers' attention, and Effie, who helped Katniss and Peeta obtain sponsors.
Helpers and Mentors in Mulan
In the beginning of the film, Mulan's mother, Fa Li, and her Grandmother Fa prepare Mulan to meet the Matchmaker. Mushu helps Mulan become a man and beat Shan Yu with the firecracker. Shang is also a mentor because he trains Mulan and the Imperial army for combat to defeat the Huns.
The Abyss in The Hunger Games
Katniss's lowest point is when Rue dies. This had a strong impact on Katniss; she came to reality and finally realized that she cannot save everyone. This is where she decides that she must not allow Peeta to die too. She begins to engage and participate in all the action in order to keep Peeta safe, rather just trying to hide from it.
The Abyss in Mulan
When the Huns attack Shang and what's rest of the Imperial army, Mulan gets injured therefore revealing she is a woman. When the Imperial army finds out, she's almost killed, but Shang spares her life.
Transformation in The Hunger Games
Katniss's transformation occured when she obtained the medicine that Peeta needed for his wounds. This is when people began to view Katniss as a hero, which boosts her confidence and helps her to view herself as such. Katniss is a bit of a reluctant hero, and she doesn’t like the idea of being a hero, despite the fact that she has already transformed into one.
Transformation in Mulan
Mulan's transformation is when she discovers Shan Yu and his clan are heading to China and decides she must warn Shang and the Imperial army of their coming and save the emporer.
Atonement in The Hunger Games
Return in The Hunger Games
Katniss finally returns home to her mother and sister in District 12 with an increased mistrust in the Capitol and is rewarded with a new luxurious house in the Victor's Village and an endless supply of food and money. However, she must now deal with the aftermath of her defiance of the Capitol, and she must maintain the "star-crossed lovers" relationship with Peeta in order to keep her family safe.
Return in Mulan
When Mulan finally defeated the Huns and saved China, she returned home. After she gave her father the sword and necklace, she had now gave great honor to the Fa family and her father most importantly. Mulan's father, Fa Zhou, didn't care about the rewards, but the safety and love of Mulan. "The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter."
Mikayla Humphrey | Isabel Cabrera
Summary of The Hunger Games
Summary of Mulan
Mulan is a young girl who tries hard to please her parents but always feels like she is disappointing them. Her father is ordered by the emperor to fight with the Imperial army against the Huns. Mulan, knowing her father will die because of his wound, disguises herself as a man and takes the place of her father in battle. She is guided by, Mushu, her guardian dragon, but when her secret is revealed, she is banished from her home. When she realizes she has come too far to give up, she fights and defeats the Huns, and saves the emperor, bringing geat honor to the Fa family.
Katniss's atonement is when Katniss (and Peeta) are informed that there can not be two winners, and refusing to kill each other, they both attempt to commit suicide by eating poisonous berries, thus sacrificing themselves for the sake of not complying with the Capitol's schemes. Before they could go through with it, however, they were stopped by the Gamemaker and crowned co-winners.
Do you believe the inclusion of literary archetypes enhances or detracts from the effectiveness of works of literature?
We believe that the inclusion of literary archetypes enhances the effectiveness of works of literature because they provide a sense of familiarity to the viewer or reader, allowing them to more quickly and more fully understand the work. Archetypes help the reader or viewer to understand aspects of literature as they relate to real life. For example, in the movie "Alice in Wonderland", the White Queen and her Palace are literally a light/white color. This immediately makes the viewer think of purity and morality, thus allowing the viewer to more quickly grasp the character's personality. Another benefit of using archetypes is that when writing, it makes determining what traits you want certain characters to have much easier. By researching the archetype, you will gain a fuller understanding of the character and how they would react in different situations, thus making it easier and simpler to develop characters and ideas in your story.

Atonement in Mulan
Mulan's atonement is when she risks her life in order to save Shang. She cut the rope that lead to the emperor, which was her only escape route to save Shang and herself.
Shan-Yu has lead the Huns to invade China. Because of the invasion, the Emperor orders that one man from every family must fight in the war against the Huns in order to protect their country. Mulan then decides to impersonate her father in order to keep him from fighting in the war against the Huns.
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