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Status 02.2013

No description

test test

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Status 02.2013

N 0 58 days from November to February New functionality
live presentation New graphics
(invoices) Worthy of discussion System is growing Project in numbers Questions
Answers # Status 02.2013 Knutsford Effort on
test automatization Effort on
manual testing Current test setup Effort on
manual testing Effort on
test automatization More efforts on manual testing Glimpse on bugs next Timesheet workflow Client enters hours (if configured)
consolidation proceeds regardless of status Agency enters hours (always possible),
(?) Client approves and authorises
(?) consolidation proceeds regardless of the status (?) Candidate enters hours (out of core)
who approves / authorises? scenarios with paraplus Candidates a new Candidate, paraplus registered
from start, paraplus registers first paraplus creates Candidate (via CRM) and their data is replicated to r-infiniti
(?) OR
Candidate visible in r-infiniti (what data),
Agency picks-up a Candidate
Agency can change data without impact on paraplus side
Candidate not visible but detected while saving and Agency confirms link Agency registers first Agency registers Candidate in r-inf with employment scheme ”paraplus Umbrella”
(?) Candidate visible in paraplus CRM (?) and their data can be used to prefill a new record
a new Candidate is replicated to r-infiniti and link is automatically established first name + surname + date of birth – unique enough? Candidate identification Candidate panel 6% up Growing test area Bookings Incidents Timesheets New functionality identified
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