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The Great Static Experiment

This Prezi has a Video Tape about our Experiment and a Completed Lab report Presentation By: Soham and Neel

Soham Patel

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The Great Static Experiment

The Great Static
Including: Lab Report, and Taped Video of our Experiment! Here is our experiment based
on a curious idea!
Static Experiment With a balloon we are
going to show you how
we created static

Here is a video Soham and Neel put up for our static electricity experiment! Now we are going to show you our LAB REPORT - Science Inquiry Lab Report Hypothesis & our Curiosity
Also, we are curious about that which items does a balloon pick up with static electricity!
We are curious about -why does the balloon pick up certain objects and how many more objects will the balloon pick up? After the inquiry, I think we will be able to answer that question!! Lab Report Materials for the Experiment
You Will Need:

A Small Piece of Tissue Paper * Blown up balloon* * A head of hair*
Steel products
Plastic bag or ...
Carpet! Lab Report Steps to complete for the
*****METHOD***** Take a balloon and blow air in it not too much or else it will pop during the experiment! Rub the balloon rapidly on someones head, the steel, plastic, or carpet! Now place the can or paper on a smooth surface for example : on a table. Take the balloon to the item! Some of the examples of the
variables, that get attracted to the balloon in this experiment are: Empty soda can, Tissue Paper, Paper, Steel wool, another balloon, and many more. Because of Static Electricity, the
balloon will rise your hair if it was
rubbed on your head!The balloon
picks up stuff meaning if your
variable is light for example a tissue -
paper, then it will get attached to the
balloon, if your variable is heavy for
example an empty soda can it will
roll over to it. Lab Report Conclusions: We learned that static electricity is only affected to some particular things out of many, after getting close to a balloon rubbed on many items. Our hypothesis was really good. In our hypothesis we thought that, only carpet and hair attract things but steel also attracts tissue paper. We had great results*...] Yes, We can think of new experiments for example
any magnet, elector-magnet or
any battery experiments!
Also we can change the
balloon and put ruler in so we
can rub the ruler along-side those items. steel and plastic and carpet and hair! Our *Educated Guess ( Hypothesis) is that we will create static electricity and it will work . First, we will rub the balloon against our head of hair and then we will bring the balloon closer to a variable (can or tissue paper); the item will either roll over to the balloon or get attached to the balloon.
We think that the similar thing will happen when we try rubbing the balloon on the carpet.
However, on steel and plastic, we think that no items (Can or Tissue) will get attracted and attached to those items when we repeat the same steps. Our Purpose for this experiment is to show you what static electricity is and how it can be used with a balloon. Also we want to find out how static electricity can be used with a balloon.

(Some of the Boys in our class remember when we were in the library and we were rubbing our feet against the carpet and when we touched some body, we felt a quick shock, that was static) Purpose and Connections Lab Report & Video Taped :

By : Neel Patel & Soham Patel Thanks For Watching... Hope You Guys Enjoyed!!! LETS WATCH OUR PRESENTATION ACTING : SOHAM
RECORDED/DIRECTED : NEEL This experiment also works with a tissue paper
as a variable, we tried it worked. Also here is our video of the static electricity experiment but this time, using a piece of a tissue paper ! We tried this out: Head attracts Can Tissue-Paper
Steel attracts Tissue-Paper
Carpet attracts Can Tissue-Paper
Plastic attracts non- I think our control is the balloon since it is rubbed
over all of those objects! And that was the object that was current and was used in all of the experiment try for the variable! When we rubbed the balloon on those items,
we saw what it attracted and what not!! see what happens!?>.. If you rub a balloon against your hair, the balloon will steal electrons from your hair. This leaves your hair positively charged and the balloon negatively charged. you Know what they say, opposites attract!!! That's why the paper and can seem to be attracted to the balloon because of protons and neutrons!! Flat Surface for example:
Table Also in the video because of me pushing the can a little when i rubbed the balloon to the steel it got attracted and I'm sorry and that will not count in conclusions...
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