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No description

maria emilia andrade

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of privacy


peoples violates privacy by different s way , for example hacking, Parents checking their children's room, applyin spy cameras without knowing and other things that threaten privacy
examples in my life
one and clear example is when i was little, my father check all what I was doing, check my room and my cellphone
in belgium found that since there social networking privacy no longer exists at all, our information is on the internet and this was checked through experiments guessed some privacy things of random people,but it was with hackers who saw their information information through the Internet.
other example is when my mail was hacking, and all the mails were read, so i have too denunce and close my email
Thank you!
the term comes from the word privatus that can be defined as "that which is not public."
Privacy is something that a person performs in a reserved area (warren people in general)
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