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History of Christianity.

Tammy Watson

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Christianity

I. Early Christianity
II Central Beliefs
O. Jesus Promise
Life of Paul
Christian Traditions/beliefs
The New Testament
The Birth
The Stations of the Cross
and Celebrations
Basic Information
Last Supper pic
Looking across the picture from left to right the disciples are shown in four groups of three:
Bartholomew, James Minor and Andrew form a group of three. All are horrified, Andrew to the point of holding his hands up in a "let's calm down " gesture.
Judas, Peter and John form the next group of three. Judas has his face in shadow and is clutching a small bag, presumably money. He was quite often portrayed with this in last supper paintings. He is also reaching for bread at the same time as Jesus is. Peter, in the fashion of the time, is shown clutching a knife and, with his hand on John's shoulder, is asking a feminine-looking John "Who does he say it is?". John leans toward him to hear what he says creating a V shape between himself and Jesus which has been interpreted by some as an indication of a marriage between 'Mary' and Jesus.
Christ is very much the calm person alone in the midst of the debate.
Thomas, James the Elder and Philip are next. 'Doubting' Thomas is pointing upward, maybe asking for one shred of evidence that this is so. His other hand is on the table between James and Philip as though seeking something solid. James the Elder looks stunned and seems to be watching Jesus' left hand. Philip seems to be asking 'Is it me?'.
Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon comprise the last group of three figures. Matthew and Thaddeus seem to be asking Simon about Jesus' statement
Church Structure-


Rulers of the Church
Secular Clergy- Religious persons that work among the people

Regular Clergy- Regions’ person who are isolated from people. (Monks, Nuns)
Holy Orders
Protestant Reformation
This is just for looking at not for your notes
How Christianity Was Establish : Best Documentary 2017. 45 minutes

John Green. Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11. 12 minutes.
National Geographic - Jesus: Rise to Power 1/3 Messiahs. 45 minutes
History of the Christianity's first 1000 years
After the death of Christ (The Apostles to today)
3 hours long
Life of Jesus ( 55 minutes)
Who Is Jesus Christ Documentary BBC Documentary Channel
On Christianity
E. Prophets – Messengers of God
D. Preached new message of God through Prophets
C. Founded in 1st Century in Palestine by disciples of Jesus
B. Based on Teachings of Jesus Christ
A. Started around 30 AD
E. Follow the Old Testament and the New Testament.
D. Founders of the New Testament – The Bible
5. Believing in Jesus will save you from Judgment
4. God will Cast Judgment
3. God Created Earth
2. God Rules heaven and Earth
1. Gods Plan and to save world from evil
C. Jesus teaches:
B. Jesus is seen as the Son of God
A. Main Figure is Jesus Christ
Holy Orders - Holy Orders is a Sacrament by which bishops, priests, and other ministers of the Church are ordained and receive the power and grace to perform their sacred duties
Marriage – a sacrament which unites a Christian man and woman in lawful marriage.
Last Rites - Sacrament which, through the anointing and prayer of the priest, gives health and strength to the soul, and sometimes to the body, when we are in danger of death from sickness.
Confirmation a Sacrament through which we receive the Holy Ghost to make us strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ. The bishop is the minister of Confirmation
Confession - is a Sacrament in which the sins committed after Baptism are forgiven.
Communion/ Eucharist- the taking of bread and wine where the bread represents the body of Christ and the wine represents the blood of Christ. “Do this in Remembrance of me” is spoken (The Last Supper)
Baptism- Water to represent purification. The symbol for declaring faith in Jesus and repentance for sins
The 7 Sacraments
III. Life of Jesus
A. Born around 7BC in Bethlehem, Judea
B. Parents are Mary and Joseph (Virgin Mary story)
C. John the Baptist – The baptism of Jesus
D. Fasting in the desert for 40 days (Temptation)
E. Capernaum (fish village) where he begins his teachings of his disciples
F. Travels to Preach the word of God
G. Challenges Religion and civil leaders = his enemies
H. Seen as the Messiah (healing the sick and blind)
I. Popularity threatens leaders so they plan to kill him
J. The Last Supper- Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus
K. 33AD Arrested and charged with Blasphemy (saying his is the messiah)
L. Pontius Pilots Judgment from the people.
M. Crucifixion
N. The Resurrection in 3 days and ascending to Heaven.
H.Executed in Rome in 62AD “Beheaded” for his Christian beliefs
G.Author of 13 of the 27 books in the New testament
F.Built churches in Jesus name
E.Converts to Christianity and begins preaching Christianity
D.Traveling in the desert Jesus appears to him and he becomes blind “the resurrected Jesus appeared to him in a great light. Saul was struck blind, but after three days his sight was restored by Ananias of Damascus, and Paul began to preach that Jesus of Nazareth is the Jewish Messiah and the Son of God”
C.Become a great persecutor of Christians
B.Born and Raised under Jewish Law
A.Born as Saul in Rome
Closer Look at the Bible
Easter- The Resurrection – Christ rose from the dead and people will be judged by god on Judgment day
Christmas – December 25th to celebrate the Birth of Jesus - Story-
Palm Sunday- on Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday often referred to as "Passion Sunday” when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Donkey and people put palms under his feet.
After Jesus the Creation of Christianity
Rome and Christianity
Romans invade and conquer Israel/Palenstine
Romans still practice Paganism
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