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Sydney, Nova Scotia

No description

Haima Romi

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Sydney, Nova Scotia

Title Page #1
Geologic History and Physical Landscape #3
Climate Graph #6
("Canadian Climate Normals
1981-2010 Station Data")
Population Profile #7
Population Pyramid #8
Natural Resources & Economic Activities #9
The article
Moose hunt in Cape Breton Highlands delayed for more planning
is about a moose hunt for aboriginals being cancelled. The boreal forest needs to rebuild itself, but with moose eating young trees, that may take a long time. The moose population has increased by a large amount in Sydney, Nova Scotia and they are making the boreal forest a grassland. To maintain the ecosystem balanced, Parks Canada will enclose the moose to prevent them from eating young trees. Trees are a big resource needed for lumber, paper etc. Trees and other plants started to grow during the palezoic and have been around ever since (Romi).
Human Activities #10
Glog: http://yasmeen31.edu.glogster.com/sydney-nova-scotia/
PSA #11
("Nova Scotia
map, zoomed
("NS Manufacturing
("RJ Cox")
("The Wire")
("Menu Pix")
("Indian Streams Research
("Earth with shipping boxes
("Digby Ferry")
("Climate Law Blog")
("Chiefs Planet")
("Berlin, New Hampshire")
("Site Sections")
("Sydney, Nova Scotia")
See you in Sydney!
Sydney, Nova Scotia
By: Yasmeen Romi
Provincial Map #2
Climate & Weather #5
The climate of Sydney, Nova Scotia is maritime. Factors that affect the climate of Sydney are latitude, elevation, wind and air masses("Which Weather Climates Affect Sydney Nova Scotia? - Yahoo Answers"). The latitude of the city is 48°N("Which Weather Climates Affect Sydney Nova Scotia? - Yahoo Answers"), this affects the climate because of the way the sun reflects on the earth, causing summer and winter both being cooler (Romi)("Which Weather Climates Affect Sydney Nova Scotia? - Yahoo Answers"). The Appalachians elevation affect the climate because the higher the elevation the lower the temperature (Romi). Sydney is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean causing winds and air masses to create more precipitation (Romi). In the winter, there is mostly light snowfalls and in the summer there is mostly light rainfall ("WeatherSpark Beta"). The precipitation is very light in Sydney, Nova Scotia, relief is the type of precipition that occurs (Romi). Most of the precipitation occurs later in the year.The total precipitation in a year is 1517.2 mm. The average annual temperature is 5.9°C and the temperature range is 23.8°C. The growing season of the city is approximately 180 days. A few severe weather conditions to worry about are severe storms, floods and hurricanes. These harsh weather conditions all appear at different times throughout the year. Sydney, Nova Scotia’s weather is unpredictable with its precipitation but the temperature is very similar to most cities in Canada.
("Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion")
("Miners Museum, Sydney, Nova Scotia")
("Cruise to Sydney, Nova Scotia")
("Sydney Ski Hills & Resorts")
("Things To Do - Ports of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada")
("Things to Do Archives - Sydney Nova Scotia Canada")
("Petersfield Provincial Park")
(MV Georgie Porgie)

("Census Profile")
("New Binocular Tutorial")
("Sydney, Nova Scotia")
("Sydney Marine Terminal")
("Nova Scotia")
("Salt Marsh Trail,
73,328 people live in Cape Breton Island’s most famous city, Sydney. Most couples that live in Sydney do not have children. This leads to the dependency load, which is made up of 34% of the population. Around 6% of the dependency load are baby boomers. The dependency load is not overpopulating the rest of the population which means taxes won’t go higher.Once the baby boomers that are not retired right now retire, the dependency load will be very high with not that much support. People are not having enough babies for the future, which means we need immigrants to come with good working skills. 3,025 people speak English and French in Sydney currently, that’s 41%of the population. Less than half the population can speak the country’s two main languages. This means not a lot of proper jobs are going to be provided. We need to be able to teach immigrants and children these two languages so we can have a working population willing to pay high taxes to a high dependency load. Although, people may not want to have anymore children because they don’t want more responsibility and cash flying out their pockets. The children today that will soon grow up and want to be parents may not have that option because if they have high taxes and can’t provide for themselves how can they have children. ("Census Profile")
("Hodder Hill Farm")
("Nova Scotia Geology")
("Nova Scotia Geology")
("Nova Scotia Geology")
("Nova Scotia Physical Map")
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