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Cricket Inquiry Brodie


Brodie Richards

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Cricket Inquiry Brodie

Learning What ? E.Q Proactive vs Reactive
In Cricket Why I chose it I chose it because Mr gore told me I should do it and also because it will help me with my cricketing skills in the upcoming cricket season. Prediction What I did What did you ask: I asked quistions like how can I improve my cricketing skills and What is reactive and what is proactive. Who did I work with: Alex,Fraser and I. So What? What I learned I have learned a lot about the key comps. In Managing self I learned how to manging between presentation and actual learning. In ULST I have learnt more about web 2.0 presentations. In Thinking I have learny about Learning. How has doing this inquiry improved me as a learner It has improved all my key comps and I have learned alot about reactive and proactive. Now what? Things I still need to work on I still need to work on participateing a bit more and also managing work and learning more. I think it good to be proactive and reactive it depends on the situation you are in because you could be reactive and just see the ball when it comes and play a random shot and if you need a lot of runs of a few balls you have to be proactiv or premeditated. Learning
Words Things I want to learn Metacognition Communication Negotiation Paradigm shift Books - Internet
Microsoft office -Web 2.0
Presenting info/doing-Learning ( how i've changed by finding this info A change in my big change in my learning is
learning about learning and also haveing to answer quistions in the key comps. Sanguine: Cheerfully optimistic, hopefull,confident. Phlegmatic: not easily excited to action or display of emotion,don't care, sluggish Choleric: Extremly irritable or easly angerd. Melancholic: disposed to or afected with melancholy gloomy How to be a leader in my team.
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