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Petersen Elementary Math STAAR Olympics

Introduction presentation for STAAR Olympics

Jennifer Johnson

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Petersen Elementary Math STAAR Olympics

Welcome to the STAAR OLYMPICS
Opening Ceremonies What are the Olympics, you ask? The Olympics are big sporting events held every four years where athletes from around the world come together to compete for their nation. Not only is it a chance to see who are the best athletes, but it is a wonderful way for the world to come together in the spirit of sportsmanship and unity. Oh, you want to know what
the STAAR Olympics are? The STAAR OLYMPICS are
a series of intense,
week-long training courses designed to prepare our
minds for the BIG EVENT, which is... The STAAR Test is divided into 5 different reporting categories:
Category 1: Number Operations
Category 2: Patterns and Relationships
Category 3: Geometry and Spatial Reasoning
Category 4: Measurement
Category 5: Probability and Statistics Each day, we will train our minds on a different reporting category. Our classroom will be transformed into our very own Olympic Training Center. We will have three training stations in our classroom:
COACH'S CORNER OR WORKOUT WITH COACH Today, we will have a briefing session where we will learn and review the major concepts that we need to know. Daily we will engage in training activities to help us prepare for the Big Event! At the COACH'S CORNER station, you will work with me to
practice challenging STAAR problems. I will train your mind how to tackle these difficult problems. At the PERSONAL TRAINING station, you will work with a pre-selected trainer and together you will work through activities and STAAR practice problems to help train each other for the BIG EVENT! At the SHOW YOUR SKILLS station you will show what you can do by yourself without the help of a coach or a personal trainer. This is your time to shine!! What's in it for you? Besides doing well on the STAAR,
you will have the opportunity to earn
medals and STAARBUCKS for good behavior
and scholarship. How to earn a medal: Each Big Event will be graded. Students will have the opportunity to earn a medal for each event. Gold Medal: 90%-100%
Silver Medal: 80%-89%
Bronze Medal: 70%-79% All of this training will help us prepare for the BIG EVENT! At the beginning of each day we will take a 10-question assessment over the objectives we trained on for that previous day. How to earn STAARBUCKS: At the end of each day you will have a 3 question Exit Ticket
You will earn 2 STAARBUCKS for getting all 3 questions correct
You will earn 1 STAARBUCK for getting 2 questions correct Other ways to earn STAARBUCKS:
Doing well on the Big Events
Gold Medal: $3
Silver Medal: $2
Bronze Medal: $1
Being on task in class
Completing Homework with Strategies ($1)
Showing a strong work ethic What can you buy with STAARBUCKS? I'm glad you asked. On Fridays, at the end of the day we will show a STAAR Olympics Movie. Extra Recess, Second Chance to earn a medal.You can use your STAARBUCKS to purchase these items. (Prices to be determined.) Are you ready for the STAAR Olympics? A Real Olympic Champion's Story ]
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