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A Walk To Remember

No description

ariel arroyo

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember
Landon didn't have anyone else to go to formal with, so he asked Jamie Sullivan
Landon had to go to the dance, because he was the Student Body President of the Student Council and was required to set up, take down, and physically be there
Landon was embarrassed to take Jamie to the dance
Cleaned up Belinda's "mess"
A slight change in Landon
Bibliography Page
Landon Rollins Carter

Student Body President
Student Body President
Talks to just about everyone except Jamie
Comes from a rich family
Lives in Beaufort, North Carolina
Single Child
Telling his story from when he was seventeen
Fifty-seven as he's telling about his past
Landon and his friends hung out, at night, at the graveyard
Representing a tux for Landon
Representing a dress, along with, high heels for Jamie
This part of the movie shows us that Landon's feelings for Jamie, are real!
--Landon walking Jamie home becomes a routine(the picture)
--Landon blows up in Jamie's face one night
--Goes to the orphanage
--Landon isn't embarrassed to be seen with Jamie anymore

Landon finally tells Jamie he loves her
Landon can't love Jamie
Jamie tells Landon she has Leukemia
Landon cries for the first time in a long time
Proof that, again, Landon's feeling for Jamie are real
Landon is lost and doesn't know what to do
Every time Landon hangs out with Jamie, he doesn't know how to react to the situation, so he's more of a gentleman, careful, and even more caring
Landon asks his mom for help
Landon hangs out with Jamie more, does more for her, but he doesn't think it's enough
Landon takes Jamie out to an expensive restaurant, but Landon STILL doesn't think it's enough
Hanging out and practicing
Jamie's kindness overcomes Landon
Landon starts to have feelings for Jamie
Having known you since second grade, but never once accompanied you. Instead, I fooled around and chose to make fun of you. Everyone knows you're the sweetest girl in town. When I get around you, I still manage to act like a clown. Now I never liked you, never wanted to like you, and didn't plan on liking you, because I would only be humiliating myself. But your kindness overcame me, along with your beauty and stealth. As we've spent some time together doing multiple things, I fall for you more and more, and we'll never really know what's in store for us. As these days pass I'm afraid you won't last long enough for me to say, that my love for you will never fade. Instead it will increase as the years go by. How I wish you were still by my side. I know you wouldn't want me to dwell in the past, therefore I'm letting you know now that you will always and forevermore be my last.
Bibliography Page
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