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The Glaucus Atlanticus

No description

thames thames

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of The Glaucus Atlanticus

The Glaucus Atlanticus
Where can you find it?
You can find it in worm waters and worm oceans.
But not in your bathtub!
What does it eat?
It's hunting for a really poisonous jellyfish called: portuguese galleon. And the weird thing: it steals the poison from the jellyfish, and use it later, when someone wants to kill it! And of course, the blue slug eats the jellyfish.

How many names does it have?
It has lots of names: Pokemon, blue dragon blue, angel and blue sea snail. Hungarian: Kék fecske what means: Blue swallow.
Is it a
girl or
a boy?
It is a Hermaphrodite
That's the same animal
That means it's a girl and a boy.
How big is it?
The Glaucus Atlanticus is gastropoda, it means:
it is a slug.
We know several kind of slug, for example:
slug without shell
sea slug
So, the blue slug always steals, but it never goes to jail!
Let see, how it is eating
It is 3 cm long.
size of a 200 forint coin
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