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Redo Hunger Games

No description

Allison Kral

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Redo Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Allison Kral Could You Hold It Together
If Your Dad Died? Upper Class Lower Class . . .No In Between. . . A Broken Place People Slaves In What Used To Be A Free Country You Must Stand Up For What You Believe In Because Of Her Perseverance. . . . . . .Peoples Lives Will Be Changed Forever To Stay Positive
When Your Surrounded
By All Negatives One Girl Refuses To Live That Way Would You Watch Your Family Starve? She Had To.. She Had to Take A Bad Situation And Make It Good To Be Strong When Others Were Weak When Life Throws You Curve Balls.. Do You Step Up To The Plate? She Would... When The Odds
Were Not
In Her Favor Every Time You Fall... Do You Get Right Back Up? She's Got Nothing To Lose Might As Well Leave Nothing On The Table When The Odds Aren't In Your Favor You Must Take That As A Challenge When No One
Expects You To Achieve Be The One
Who Never Gave Up
The One
Who Always Kept Trying Keep Climbing To The Top A Nation Divided Apart She Did.. She Couldn't.. She Never Gave Up She
Gave People Something To
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