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Different Styles Of Stage Make-Up

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Taylor Warner

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Different Styles Of Stage Make-Up

Animal Stage Make Up makeup brushes
loose powder
a large powder puff
base caked makeup for the underlying skin tone
application sponges
a makeup wheel or individual color containers
container of black caked makeup for things like whiskers and outlining the eyes.
Materials Needed The How To: The face should be clean and dry. The base colored should be applied first so the rest of the makeup comes out even.
Use the make-up brush and the black color, outline the shape of the eye for the animal.
Once the eyes are complete, continue to outline the rest of the features that you believe are integral to the animal chosen
Outline the main facial features that you have created boldly. The black outline will make them really stand out.

Old Stage Makeup

Apply a layer of foundation makeup with a sponge, covering all exposed areas. . Blend well with cotton balls.
Use different shades of brown eyeshadow and foundation to highlight and create shadows and wrinkles throughout the face. Blend
Create a sunken look by darkening the crescent beneath the eyes with blended shades of brown eyeshadow and foundation.
Frost the eyebrows with white or gray cream makeup to match the character's hair color.
Apply regular makeup, such as lipstick and eyeshadow, according to the character's background and history.
If you are using cake makeup, dampen the sponge first
If you are using liquid foundation, apply with a dry sponge How To: Materials Needed: Foundation
Cotton balls/sponge
brown eyeshadow
white/gray cream
Young Stage Make Up Apply moisturizer. Allow moisturizer to dry and sink into skin for a few minutes
Apply primer. Blend.
Apply foundation. Use a stippling motion to put makeup on the face and then blend out, moving in a downward motion. Use a patting motion and blending with fingers.
Dust a neutral eye shadow over the entire eye. Use a shadow brush and pick up a shadow similar to the girl's skin tone. Apply the shadow from the brow bone to the lid, blending thoroughly.
Apply eye liner. Apply brow gel or clear mascara to the brows to calm down any stray hairs.
Apply faux lashes and mascara.
Apply blush. UsApply color to the apples of the cheeks and blend thoroughly. Blush should appear as a wash of color radiating from the cheeks.
Apply lip products. Line lips with a neutral lip pencil regardless of what color lipstick and gloss you are using. Apply lipstick on top and blot with a tissue.
Lastly, apply gloss to the center of the lips and blend.
Eye Shadow
Eye Liner
Fake Lashes
Lip Liner How To: Basic Stage Make Up Wash your face and apply a skin moisturizer before doing anything else.
Add foundation. Spread it all over the face, neck, into the hairline.
Apply blush. This blush should be about a terra cotta color for men or a pink or red for women. Have the actor smile, then color the apples of his or her cheeks.
For eye shadow, use only browns and tans. Appy white shimmer eyeshadow to your tear duct, as this will make your eyes look bigger.
Apply eyeliner. Line the top of your lid along the lash line and from the middle of the bottom lash line out to the corner.
Remove any excess powder by tamping on a paper towel before applying to your face and neck.
Apply lipstick. Try to use a matching lip liner or the lipstick will bleed.
Apply mascara chose the same color as your eyeliner.

How To: Materials:
eye shadow
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