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Public Housing in Singapore

Elton Ching (04), Han Zi Ding (05), Kang Shao Quan (08), Kenneth Koh (09), Liu Shuyang (10)

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Transcript of Public Housing in Singapore

-Home Ownership Scheme

-Singaporeans who rented were given financial incentives in the form of generous discounts to purchase HDB flats to persuade them to own their own property they live in

-Provided them with financial security and increases the attachment they have to their own home and subsequently, Singapore

-People were allowed to use their Central Provident Fund money for down payment HDB meeting the needs of the people in the 21st century -Housing price has gone up to quell the speculation in property in Singapore by preventing the buying/reselling activity of speculation and helps the market to be stable.

-Build to Order flats meet the demands of the general population as they offer flexibility in time and location to the home buyers.

-However, there is still far higher demand than supply in Singapore (demand being 9870 and supply being 3154 in 2009) Elton Ching (04), Han Zi Ding (05), Kang Shao Quan (08), Kenneth Koh (09), Liu Shuyang (10) Public Housing in Singapore Incentives to move People from Kampongs to HDB flats Changes in Aims Over Time --Aims of HDB in 1960s

-Provide affordable housing for lower-income groups

-Provide housing for the rapidly growing population. (High-rise flats)

--Aims of HDB in 1980s

-Singapore’s economy thriving, leading to higher standards of living

-Objective of HDB changed to meet the needs of the different income groups common facilities and structures in 21st century HDB flats HDB for different income groups Aims of HDB in Early Years -Short of proper housing due to World War 2
(Estimated 300,000 people lived in squatter settlements in the suburbs and 250,000 lived in squalid shop houses in the Central Area in 1966.)

-Bad sanitation caused rampant spread of fatal diseases (eg. tuberculosis).

-HDB was set up to provide affordable housing for lower-income groups while drastically improving the hygiene and living standards for the majority of Singaporeans. Thank you!
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