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Enchanted Forest

photoshoot/mini movie

Jac Stan

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Enchanted Forest

enchanted forest color palette there will be bright colors surrounding the princess. the bright colors will represent her world and how it is happy and colorful. it will represent her youthfulness and "prudeness" the princess and the prince will be "color-less" wearing black and white.
the princess will be wearing ivory representing her as being pure.
the prince will be in black making him a representation of bad/evil. the
princess the princess will be played by the lovely
Elyse Voyen

She will be wearing an ivory gown and hair/makeup will be done by
Lisa! hair/makeup since this is a fashion shoot the hair and makeup will be extravagant with false eyelashes,glitter,and bold lips.
the hair will be elegant but still intriguing. Prince Charming...? The prince will be played
by the one and only
Johnny Langan Johnny will be playing the role of a different kind of Prince Charming.

He will be made up to look like James Dean. With the big hair and casual clothing.

His bad boy appearance will counter Eylse's elegant one. hair/makeup the prince hair/makeup How to "enchant" a forest Molly my art director will be assiting me in making Lisa's summer home look like its right out of a fairytale book.

We will be working with the
color scheme of pinks, blues,greens, and yellows

we will make a makeshift bed where the princess will be sitting on for our wide shot photo.

Also we have lanterns that will be hung up
mason jars filled with tea lights for a romantic feel will be placed around the blanket

the trees will be laced with fabric and white Christmas lights! concept art for the forest i really hope this gave everyone a better idea of
whats going on if not... i tried haha

thanks again for being on board!
we have an awesome crew and i know this will be a lot of fun! the end the dress
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