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Michael Jackson

No description

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Michael Jackson

The King of Pop:
Michael Jackson

Freudian Application
Adlerian Theory
1. Overcompensation
Freudian Theory
1. Regression:

2. Phallic Stage:

3. Superego:

Born in Gary, Indiana on August 29th, 1958.
Born the seventh of nine to a poor family.
Became the lead singer of The Jackson 5 at age five.
His father heavily disciplined him and his brothers as children.
He was quoted saying "He [would] really get you."
Mother defended them, but it did not help. She was Jehovah's Witness.
Had first single at age eight with "Big Boy"
Freud -- Pathologically Neurotic
A Freudian and Adlerian Analysis
Biography Continued
Nicknamed the "King of Pop".
Most internationally famous pop artist to date.
Received a facial and scalp burn while filming a Pepsi commercial.
He was quiet and shy and made a retreat called Neverland.
Suffered from Vitiligo.
Molestation allegations surfaced in 1993.
Married and Divorced Lisa Marie Presley
Married Debbie Rowe and had two children, Prince and Paris later had "Blanket" from surrogate mother.
Media problems and later death on June 25th, 2009
Retreat to early period of life that was more pleasant and free of frustration and anxiety.
Interest in exploring and manipulating genitals.
Strong narcissism.
Difficulty establishing strong heterosexual relationships.
Our ideas of right and wrong established in childhood
By: Tyler, Seth, Paige, Brenna, and Daniel
Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5's hit ABC
Regression Clip
Phallic Stage Clip
2. Avoiding Type
Excessive motivation to overcome menial inferiority's in order to reach perfection
Makes no attempt to face life's problems
Adlerian Application
Avoiding Type
Phallic Stage
Underdeveloped superego/dominant id
Adler -- Unhealthy Personality
Avoiding Type
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