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Thien Dinh-Do: 8-2

No description

Thien Dinh-Do

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Thien Dinh-Do: 8-2

Interests and Hobbies
Future Goals
My aspirations are...
Fun Facts
I speak Vietnamese
I love Chicken Strips, with Honey Mustard
I like turtles
I enjoy watching people get tackled
White Chocolate all the way

Thien Dinh-Do 8-2
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Thien Trong Dinh-Do
February 28, 2001
Jersey City Medical Center
Eighth Grade Student attending Little Falls Middle School No.1
Young Awkward Vietnamese Male
Number 82 for Totowa Football A Squad
Kicker, Punter, Right Tackle, and Defensive End.
My interests are...
Listening to EDM music
Listening to the Ultra Music Festival
Watching the Food Network Channel
Tapping my hands to a random beat out of nowhere
Watching College Football
Playing Football, must be Tackle Football
Playing the Saxophone, Guitar and Piano
Doing the Shmoney Dance periodically
Attend My Dream School M.I.T., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Majoring in Technical Engineering
Minoring in Computer Science
Work in the "Technology" Field
Become an Olympic Backstroker
*Please note that many of these pictures have been taken off of Prezi
*Please also note that I only listened to music for sites
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