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The Boundless

No description

Krista Siemens

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The Boundless

The Boundless
Grade 5/6
September 2014

By Kenneth Oppel
Chapter 1
Pages 1-13
This story begins with William Everett waiting at a train station for his father to return from working on the Canadian Pacific Railway. While waiting, he meets a girl who works for a circus and disappears before he can catch her name. William looks for her, but instead runs into Cornelius Van Horne, the general manager of the CPR. Van Horne invites William to join him on his train that is headed into the mountains.
Chapter 1
Pages 13 - 19

William joins Cornelius Van Horne on his train into the mountains and meets the other travelers, including a mysterious man named Mr. Dorian, a man who owns a circus. Van Horne shows William his sketch of The Boundless train. A creature jumps on the roof of the train and causes the gentlemen on board to fire at it with rifles.
Chapter 1
Pages 19 - 23

Will exits the train and meets his father. They await the last spike being driven into the railway.
Chapter 1
Pages 23 - 26
The ceremony to drive the last spike into the railroad begins. Mr. Smith misses the golden spike and Van Horne asks Will to try instead. Amid the excitement of finishing the railway, the people hear a loud rumbling and snow quickly falling down the mountain.
Chapter 1
Pages 26 - 30
Will and his father look up at the mountain and see an avalanche heading towards them. As they run for safety, Will gets his foot stuck and must leave his boot behind, and he notices a man trying to pull the gold spike out of the railway track. He grabs onto a tree branch and is covered by snow. Will sees that his father, Van Horne, and the man who was trying to take the gold spike are all hanging on tightly to trees, but Van Horne starts to slip.
Chapter 1
Pages 30 -34
Will's father saves Cornelius Van Horne after the avalanche, while Will watches Brogan take the golden spike from the snow. A sasquatch appears in the snow and throws Brogan over the edge of the gorge after he stabs the sasquatch's child. Mr. Dorian captures the adult sasquatch for his circus.
Chapter 2
Pages 35 - 39
The chapter starts three years after Chapter One finishes. Will's father is now in charge of The Boundless, which is about to start its maiden voyage.
Chapter 2
Pages 39 - 44
Will and his father enter their stateroom on The Boundless and prepare for their journey to Victoria. James reveals that the golden spike is in Cornelius Van Horne's coffin, which is located in the funeral car on the train.
Chapter 2
Pages 44 - 49
Will ends his tour of The Boundless in the Terrace Car, where he orders a drink from a robotic bartender. He explains the journey his family took, starting with the time after the avalanche to his father's current position as general manager for the railway's new steamship line, which operates out of Victoria.
Sam Steele
RCMP Officer
Cornelius Van Horne
Chapters 2 -3
Pages 49 - 56
Will's father wants him to start working for the company, but Will wants to attend an art school in San Francisco. His father doesn't want this for him and they argue.
Chapter 3
Pages 56 - 60
As the evening's entertainment begins, Will notices Sam Steele (Mountie) is on the train. Mr Dorian speaks to the audience about hypnosis and Will finds that he has mesmerized the group into standing all at once.
Sir Sandford Fleming
Chapter 3
Pages 60 - 66
Mr. Dorian introduces Sandford Fleming to the audience and speaks about what really happens to travel between two time zones. While everyone is looking at their watches, Mr. Dorian steals items from people in the audience. Will has the chance to join the ringmaster and a girl on stage to help perform her disappearing act. He realizes that this girl is the one who stole his sasquatch tooth three years ago.
Chapter 3
Pages 66 - 74
Will tries to find Mr. Dorian and Maren after their performance, but can't get into the second-class carriage. He finds out what the key that his father is keeping is for (Van Horne's funeral car).
Chapter 4
Pages 75 - 83
Will's father will be driving the train across Canada, so Will is left alone in their stateroom. The train stops and Will explores the outside of the train, including Van Horne's funeral car, which is guarded and electrified. He also walks among the stalls outside the third-class carriages and speaks to vendors selling Sasquatch urine (protection against Sasquatch attacks) and glasses with cloth for lenses (protection against the hag who lives near Lake Superior in the muskeg). Will buys both items.
Chapter 4
Pages 83 - 87
Will learns how to run on top of the train carriages by Boundless brakemen. After he is finished exploring, Will heads into the forest.
Chapters 4-5
Pages 87-93
Will finds the guard's key to the funeral car and goes off into the forest to find him. He sees Brogan kill the guard right before Will hears the whistle of the train leaving. He runs after the train and manages to jump onto the caboose steps. One of the men working in the caboose thinks that Will is a stowaway and wants to throw him from the train.
Chapter 5
Pages 93 - 102
Will tells Sticks and Mackie about seeing Brogan stab the guard in the woods, but he doesn't trust Mackie enough to tell them about the key he found. Sticks sends Mackie with a note to take forward in The Boundless to inform Will's father that he is in the caboose. Will falls asleep in Sticks' bed.
Chapter 6
Pages 103 - 109
Mackie leads Will right to Brogan, who chases him under the train. Will throws sasquatch urine in Brogan's face to get him to let go of his ankle.
Chapter 6
Pages 109 - 115
Will is hiding from Brogan and Mackie in the forest. When he hears the train starting to leave, Will runs after it and manages to climb to the top of the train. He can still see Brogan's lantern, so he decides to run along the train until he finds the Zirkus Dante cars. Will gets pulled down into one of the boxcars by an elephant.
Chapters 6 - 7
Pages 115 - 127
Will has landed in the elephant car, but Brogan knows that he's hiding in there. Will escapes through the next few carriages, which contain other animals, and ends up in the car containing a sasquatch. He meets the sasquatch's trainer and a giant named Mr. Beauprey, who take him to Mr. Dorian. Will is hidden in a trick trunk when Brogan enters the carriage demanding to search for Will.
Chapter 7
Pages 127 - 138
Will and Maren discuss how their lives have changed over the last three years. She finds Will some new clothes from the circus costumes. He sees some of the other carriages, including the dining car. Will tells Mr. Dorian and Maren his story about how he got to be there.
Chapters 7 - 8
Pages 138 - 152
Mr. Dorian and Maren decide that Will should join their circus, which will be working its way up through The Boundless, and will have its last performance in first class on the last night. Will gets a chance to see the other circus performers. Maren has him try different circus acts to see which one he could perform, but none are right for Will. One of the circus clowns, who is also a knife-thrower, demonstrates his talent on Will by throwing knives at him.
Chapter 8
Pages 152 - 167
Maren decides that Will's circus act should be him drawing portraits while blindfolded. She shows him some of the props for the circus, including a robotic hand, but Brogan enters the car and Maren and Will have to hide. The sasquatch, Goliath, enters the car with his trainer and Mr. Dorian, who threatens Brogan with an attack by Goliath.
Chapters 8 - 9
Pages 167 - 175
Will has his face painted and is given a costume to make him look like a fortune-teller, both needed as a disguise and for his circus act. Mr. Dorian, Maren and Will leave the circus carriages and walk outside to the next set of carriages (colonist class).
Chapter Nine
Pages 175 - 184
Will, Maren and Mr. Dorian board colonist class for their first night of performances. The carriages are extremely crowded with people sleeping and eating everywhere. They meet Mr. Peters, who sells food and other supplies to the colonist passengers, but at an inflated price. Brogan breaks into James Everett's stateroom to find his key to the funeral car, but realizes that it must be with James.
Chapter Nine
Pages 184 - 196
Their first performance in colonist class goes wonderfully. After their performance, they are given food and the colonist passengers begin to entertain them with music and dancing. Will and Maren realize that Mr. Peters is trying to take passengers' land deeds as payment for food and medicine. Will pays Mr. Peters for a little boy's medicine.
Chapter Ten
Pages 196 - 207
Will, Maren and Mr. Dorian have moved ahead in the Boundless, through the mail car and into third class. They see how mail is taken on and off the train. Sam Steele enters their carriage, but Mr. Dorian stops Will from saying anything to him because he doesn't want Van Horne's funeral car to be more heavily guarded. Mr. Dorian wants the painting that is currently in that car.
Chapter Ten
Pages 207 - 214
Will is upset with Mr. Dorian because he didn't want Will to tell Sam Steele who he was and is now holding him prisoner until they reach the front of the train on the last night of performances. Brogan purchases something potentially dangerous from Mr. Peters. Will thinks about escaping, but Maren stops him.
Chapter Ten
Pages 215 - 224
Maren has handcuffed Will to his bed so he doesn't try to escape. The Boundless has stopped because the track has partially flooded in the muskeg. A mysterious woman ("the hag") visits Will in his room and unlocks his handcuffs. She convinces him to exit the train and walk through the muskeg towards the front of the train, but he starts to drown in the water. Maren saves him just before Brogan and his crew attack him.
Chapter Eleven
Pages 225 - 234
Maren touches up Will's make-up, which came off when he was in the muskeg. Mr. Dorian explains to Will about why he needs the painting that is in Van Horne's funeral car. According to Mr. Dorian, the canvas was soaked in water from the fountain of youth and he comes from a long line of men who died very early and he would like to combat that.
Chapter Twelve
Pages 234 - 243
Will decides to stay with Mr. Dorian and Maren, but mostly to help Maren. They head to the saloon car for their next performance and Mr. Dorian readies the crowd with a card trick.
Chapter Twelve
Pages 243 - 249
Brogan is in the crowd for their performance and he insists on coming on stage to take part in Will's act, even though he states that he is a fraud. Will manages to outwit Brogan by painting his portrait perfectly.
Chapter Twelve
Pages 250 - 262
Will, Maren and Mr. Dorian enter the observation car, where passengers are allowed to shoot at passing buffalo. A group of Aboriginal peoples on horseback soon ride by and the Boundless passengers start shooting them as well, which starts a battle between the two groups and Will, Maren and Mr. Dorian are in the middle of the fight. Will is purposely shot at by Chisholm, one of Brogan's friends.
Chapter Thirteen
Pages 263 - 271
Will, Maren and Mr. Dorian make their way to the funeral car by jumping cars. In the swimming pool car, they have to hide in changing tents when Mackie enters the car. Mr. Dorian manages to trap Mackie in a tent and knocks him into the pool.
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