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No description

year 4 ACE Dpt

on 24 September 2016

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Transcript of PUNCTUATION

Punctuations are the symbols used in writing which makes the meaning clear.
Capital letter
A sentence starts with a capital letter.
For proper nouns which are the names of persons and places.
is always capital letter

Activity: Put capital letters in the following sentences

1) my name is john.
2) i stay in dubai.
3) ben went to the zoo. in the zoo, he saw tiger, monkey and lion.

Can you think of any proper noun which need a capital letter?

Activity: Put full stop/question mark/ exclamation mark in the following sentences

1) Did Lucy eat the lunch
2) I went to the supermarket
3) I can't wait for my birthday
Full Stop .
Question Mark ? and Exclamation mark!

At the end of a sentence.

''Speech Mark''
Speech marks are used to identify the exact words of a speaker .


We use commas to seperate items in a list.
Commas tells us where to pause.
Ramu said, ''Let's play football.''
To show possessions

e.g. This is kid's room.
o show contraction
e.g. I'm playing.

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