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Anna Billings Gallup

Discussion of her contributions to the field of Museum Education.

Kyle Mills

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Anna Billings Gallup

Anna Billings Gallup Kyle S. Mills b. 1872 d. 1956 Norwich Free Academy Education Included:
College Prep
Life Skills Early Education Connecticut State Normal School in Great Britain Education focused on teaching as a vocation 1889 GRADUATION Teaching 1893 Mary Smith Peake Dr. R. Nathaniel Dett Benjamin Butler Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute School created for education of minorities
Gave Billings hands-on experience with education More Education 1901 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Received Bachelor's of Science in 1901 Museum Career 1902 Museum Curatorial Assistant 1904 Museum Curator Museum Curator-in-Chief 1906 Helps to found the AAM 1937 Retirement Gallup kept the child in focus
Belief that the Museum was supplementary
Let the child decide! Thoughts & Lessons "We must remember that the keynote of childhood and youth is action. Any museum ignoring this principal of activity in children must fail to attract them." The Gallup Legacy Childhood activity and development
Listening to the museum's audience
Allowing children to borrow objects
Ensuring that the museum was a place of discovery & fun Woman before her time
Pioneer for the "little people"
Revolutionary for education as it was known Key Takeaways Life & Times
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